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I'm currently running a Maxi Gamer Phoenix PCI 16mb video card on my k62-400.  But a friend of mine gave me an ATI AGP card, the chip on it says rage2c, and I believe it has 8mb memory.  Which should I use, I play games (rogue spear, nascar3, etc).  I pretty happy with the phoenix card but I understand the agp card will speed up my system.  I'm not sure how this will affect 3dfx games.
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compmaniaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use 2 different cards but they will be seperate, so you can choose which card to use for different games.

Is your Maxi Gamer card a Voodoo2 card?  None of the ATI rage2 cards will come close to being as fast and they certainly don't look as good.

You will also find the drivers for the ATI to be rather incomplete (crap in my opinion).  Every new game out seems to require going to the ATI web site and downloading the "newest drivers."

You also will lose support for glide games, which isn't a big thing since OpenGL and DirectX have taken over.  However, if you like the older (pre 1996) games like Tomb Raider I and Duke Nukem 3d, keep this in mind.

One other thing.  It may be possible to put both cards into your computer, using the ATI as your 2d card.  This is a real stab in the dark, however.

I hope this helps.

rsparAuthor Commented:
triso: I may accept your answer but I'm rejecting it to check possible other comments.

My current card is a Banshee (voodoo1?) made by Guillemot.

I thought you had to have two of the same kind of cards to use them both?
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