Frontpage hover buttons are grey once site is uploaded

I have 3 hover buttons in a shared border and one on the first page itself and when I published the site onto a server, besides showing up grey they don't hyperlink. In Frontpage'98 itself the preview facility doesn't show this problem. What's wrong?
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compmaniaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you can access the html directly just put this in:

<font color="blue" font onMouseOver="'red'"onmouseout="'blue'">

To here:

<a href="file location"><font color="blue" font onMouseOver="'red'"onmouseout="'blue'">File name</font></a>

That will make the text be blue, mouse on it will be red and off will be blue again. You can change the colors if you want. (green, black, white, yellow etc...)

The problem is probably Frontpage.
Tina ClarkeCommented:
Do you have your browser configured to show Javascript? Until they are fully loaded a gray box will appear on the screen of the viewer who's browser does support Java Applets.

Could we have your url?

You should be aware that hover buttons are not viewable in some browsers. You should provide text links for these viewers and blind users  and people who surf with graphics turned off.

Regards Tina Clarke
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