problems with photodeluxe 3.1

when i use photodeluxe 3.1, i keep getting general protection fault error messages usually refering to a pd3 file, and then program shuts down, i un installed and re installed, but it keeps giving me these messages. my puter is a compag 2200,, speed 180--48 ram and about 700 mil of unused disk space, any ideas out there, keep in mind i am new to using computers
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kencamConnect With a Mentor Commented:

My first suggestion is to uninstall PhotoDeluxe, restart, then restart again but interrupting the restart with a boot to MS Dos and then running C:\scanreg/fix.  Then reinstalling the program and see what happens then.  

I would also suggest visiting the site and see what ideas they offer.
Hi RobertChance,

I need some more specific info.  

Exactly what does the message say?  Does it come up immediately after you try to start the program?  Does anything happen except the error message?  Have you ever been successful in starting PhotoDeluxe?  How or where did you get the software?  It is usually a giveaway with a piece of hardware like a scanner, did you get it that way?  If so, does the hardware you purchased work?

robertchanceAuthor Commented:
hi, error comes up at anytime while i use program. program was bundled with a kodak camera. when message comes up, i end up lossing whatever i am doing. i have this feeling that program itself is affecting my machine. now it shut's off at odd times, and this has only started since i load photodelux. now icq is starting to act up also, shutting down at odd moments. can't remember exacatly what it says nows, sorry i can't be more specific.
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