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iMac OS/9 to Apple Laserwriter NTII and SW2500

Can anyone tell me what cabling, adapters and networking software I need to get my venerable LaserWriter NTII to print from my iMac?  I also print to a SW2500 (thanks to Weed).  I know these two printers have different network needs.  Thanks.  Ed.
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Does the IINT have an ethernet port? I cant remember and my documentation on it doesnt say. If it does all you need is a crossover ethernet cable and the built in Laser Writer 8 printer driver. The cable goes between your imacs ethernet port and the printers. If it DOESNT have an ethernet port then you need an ethernet->localtalk adapter/bridge. Several companies make them. This will let you go from the ethernet port of your iMac to the adapter, then from the adapter to the localtalk/serial/phonenet port of the printer. Same laser writer 8 software. There are also adapters that go from USB->Localtalk/serial but i dont recommend them because they often require extra software. Last i checked Asante made a good ethernet->localtalk bridge.
edhorAuthor Commented:
Thanks Weed.  No the NTII does not have an ethernet port.  It ran beautifully on Localtalk.  I'll start investigating the necessary ethernet->localtalk adapter/bridge.  Guess I'll start with Keyspan and Asante.  One again, your advice has helped tremendously!

Thanks again, Ed.

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