DOS window flashes...then gone

This is making me feel like an idiot but when I try to run a DOS command, for example: ipconfig or ping etc, the DOS window flashes and then disappears.  I know I'm missing a check or command somewhere...any help out there?  Thanks, Doreen
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opihiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this symptomatic occurs if you use Start->Execute->DOS-Command
The DOS-Box that is opened, disappears after the DOS-Command has been executed.
Try: Start->Execute->cmd
A DOS-Box opens. Type in your DOS-Command and the box should still be open after execution.

baldridgedAuthor Commented:
This is happening when I use the Start--> Run -----> then the command
opihiCommented: your problem should be solved, if you perform the steps i described in the answer:
start-->run--->cmd (just type in "cmd" an press enter)
---a dos box opens---
now perform your dos-commands

have fun
baldridgedAuthor Commented:
I was attempting your suggestion on my W98 PC and it uses "command" not "cmd", so I figured you were refering to the NT system and when I typed "cmd" on my Server and Workstation, lo and worked.  Thanks!  Too many PC's here :)
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