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I am an experienced C/C++/Java programmer. I know ANSI C/C++ inside and out, and am very familiar with Win32 programming. I would like to learn Linux and X-Window programming (general stuff, not qt or another library just yet unless I have to). Are there any good online resources to teach me this? If not, how about books? Maybe I am looking in the wrong places, but I can't find anything. What about an online reference for Linux similar to the MSDN?
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For X-Window programming, you might
want to look into TCL/TK.

TCL is a freely distributed scripting
language and TK is the toolkit for
building cross-platform GUI.

The ease and power of TCL/TK have
seen Perl, Python and even REBOL coming
out with ways to hook up TK for
Perl-TK implementation etc.

If TCL/TK do not interests you, you
might want to go over to
The APIs or libraries for GNOME are
not tied to any vendor like KDE.

Take a look also at which
acts as a portal for Linux related stuff

Hope this helps....
If you _REALLY_ want to program X11 at the lowest level - visit and search for "Xlib Programming Manual". You will be given also links to reference and some related books.

SHort references about funcitions you could get by issueing command "man X11Function" but printed material sometimes provides litle more details.

But again - I know of no moderm user program what is written at this level. Unless you intend to do system level software - choose Qt, Gtk, Motif, OpenLook or any other higher level library. And only in case of 2 latest X11 knowledge will help you...
For general X-Windows programming Kenton Lee's site is a good starting point - The Linux Documentation Project has tons of HOWTOs - The Linux Developer's Network ( ) and the Linux Programmer's Bounce point ( ) are good resources. As for books, the O'Reilly books ( ) are the best in the business - they have comprehensive books on programming Xlib,Xt, Device Drivers etc. Personally I have found for system level programming "Linux Application Development" by Erik Troan & Michael Johnson to be an excellent book;it is published by Addison Wesley.


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TheSnowmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks - those links really helped!
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