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I'm trying to install Win 98 overtop of Win95 with an OEM CD.  The install routine returns a message that tells me I cannot use this CD.  Is there a work-a-round or must I purchase the upgrade?
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You must do a clean istall of Win98.
The OEM is a full version and will not let you upgrade win95.
You need an upgrade disk for that.

Check the link for most setup issues of win98
You also should really consir going to FAT32 if not already there.
If you dont have many files to back up or apps to reload, reformatting by not be a bad idea.
backup any data you dont want to lose and reformat hd as centery suggested is the cheapest and best way
a clean install works much better than over 95 anyway
make sure you have a working boot disk with cdrom support before you do this
there is a way to install oem over 95 but reformat is best way
installing oem windows on excesting windows....
Step 1
#1 setting up windows oem over windows
Start the Win98 setup from Windows. Stop at the dialog box that reads License Agreement. Don't Click Next.
Step 2
Press Ctrl-Esc to open the Start Menu and then run Notepad. Click open and look for the dir that the Win98 install has created it should be something like WININST0 and open SETUPPP.INF.
Step 3
Inside the SETUPPP.INF insert the line OEMUP=1 after the [data]heading. Like this...
Step 4
Save your changes to this file and close notepad. Then return to the Win98 install. Then continue the install as normal
you could rename to and winver.exe to and install from DOS.  I believe you can also change the ProductType key in setupp.inf to make it work also,
like I said clean install works best
its your call     hope this helps  James
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p.s I copyed these instructions off a comment made by another expert last week ( have never tried this myself )
Simple way out:
1. Copy the folder win98 from the cd to your HD
2. Delete or rename all old copies of (usually just c:\windows\ to
3. Shutdown or boot to a DOS prompt
4. run c:\win98\setup.exe
5. Do Not let it install in c:\windows.000 but rather make sure it goes where the old windows was (usually c:\windows)

It will do an upgrade and everything stays installed.

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hummmmmm answer proposed by bashley sounds a lot like  my 1st comment
Be extremely careful installing over or in renamed folders.
You may need to reinstall all or most of the other items.
Go clean with FAT32.  You won't be sorry.
Sure there's overlap in answers; But I didn't plagerize you trekie1.  I've done this procedure dozens of times.
I agree with backups first, and that starting over makes cleaner results, but going over the top does work and works more quickly.
Bashley, instead of blocking the question with a proposed answer that is no better than any of the others, how about a comment next time and let the questioner choose the procedure they want to use. By do as you have, you've blocked the question as being answered which hides it from the view of other experts who may have an answer that works. You also failed to tell this person that they will have to reinstall all of their applications.
pattonmAuthor Commented:
Although all of the proposed solutions would probably have worked, this one offered the least amount of risk and was easiest to execute.
To dew_associates, I failed to say that they will have to reinstall all of their applications because they will not have to reinstall anything!
Your right Bashley, as I overlooked your windows.000 comment!
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