"Isdel_se" general protection faults in CDROM setup.exe's...


I had to reformat my HDD & reinstall Win98SE 2 months ago and have been slowly reinstalling software and games back to the system. So, the last week I decided to install some games from CD-ROM(s), and with 3-4 different games I'm getting the white "close - ignore" dialog box, which is then followed by the following general protection fault error:

"Isdel_se has caused a GPF in setup.exe.."

The 1st screen for each game will popup, but as soon as it hits the setup.exe file, it gives you the GPF. Same activity in 4 different games! Now I have all the latest firmware updates for my CDROM, all new drivers, and everything else. I've tried messing with turning DMA, Auto-Insert, Direct Sync settings on/off for the CDR with no results. All of these games are the originals (not copies/boots), and they installed and worked fine prior to the reformat/Win98 reinstall...Many of my non-gaming apps on CD have installed fine since the reformat (Office, Photoshop, Music CD's, etc), but games seem to be a problem as I keep getting the Isdel_se GPF for 4+ games...There don't appear to be any IRQ conflicts or anything else wrong.

Can anybody help on this? Is my CDROM dying? Something else?


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Try disabling antivirus autoprotect when installing programs.  I found especially with norton antivirus this can interfere especially on high scan settings.

The programs are unable to write to system files. They are probably being denied access by antivirus protection.

Also try cleaning out your temp directory, you might have a stale _isdel.exe hanging around from another installation.
Might try turning off auto play of music CD's and see if then you can install games CD's. If ok, then can turn auto play of music CD's back on again.
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lancechristopherAuthor Commented:
thanks for all the replies, but unfortunately the problem's not solved. i did have some success going into the registry and clearing out a few _isdel entries and can now install 2 of the 5 games i couldn't install before, but have no clues as to why 3 games are still giving me trouble    
Did you run SCANREG.EXE/FIX? (Backup your registry files first - user.dat and system.dat)
When installing your software hit CTRL,ALT,DELETE end task everything except for explorer and systray then try to install the programs

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