Docking gone screwy

Using VB6 with Service Pack 3 on Windows NT.  One day, in the heat of battle, all the "parts" of my development scene got "unstuck".  Don't know how that happened, but I want it back the way it was. Toolbox vertical on the left, Project tree window and Properties window one above the other and docked at the right, and all code and form windows limited to the wide space between (conventional, I see this setup pictured in various books).  I went through the usual process of "docking", and the best I can do is dock the toolbox where it belongs, and the tree/over/properties to each other.  If I go further, those last two INSIST on spanning the space from the toolbar across to the right hand edge.  How on earth can I beat them into submission, and make them stay put docked where I want them?  I can enable their docking properties, drag them to the right, but they snap back across the available space, spanning it. -- Norm
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Just trying to follow what's happening here.  Are you saying that the Project and Properties windows are docking on top of each other but spanning the entire window (horizontal) or are they spanning the vertically?  Let me know if I am on track...
posnormAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your interest.  The project and properties windows dock to each other all right, one above the other.  Together, sitting in the middle of the screen.  Now, I attempt to drag them over to the right to dock them against the right hand edge.  When I release the mouse button, they SNAP to a docked position pasted against the top of the screen (up against the bottom of the tool bar).  They remain one below the other, but both stretch clear across from the tool box on the left (which is docked properly) to the right hand screen edge. -- Norm
Try this:

- Undock both the Properties and Project windows. By this I mean move them to the middle of the screen so the appear undocked from any edge.  One way to do this is to open a new project and move the Properties and Project windows over the new project's form this will undock them.

- Next move the Properties window first to the far right and release the mouse button.  Make sure that you move at least half of the Properties window past the VB program window's right edge, this will ensure that it docks to the right edge.

- Finally move the Project window so the top of edge of the outline (the drag image) is at the top of the Properties window.  Make sure that the drag image does not change size, it should remain the same size as the window when you grabbed it.  Release the mouse button.  These should be you back to where you were.

I have seen that docking these toolbars is a bit of a trick!


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posnormAuthor Commented:
MTroutwine: Thank you! Your instructions seemed to work.  There remains a slight "margin" around the toolbox.  I seem to think it docked "nice and tight" before.  I recently installed service pack 3, and wonder if that has anything to do with all this.  I've been very busy developing a product so it can "go out the door", and haven't had time to fuss with this, but it was getting really annoying.

Many thanks again. -- Norm
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