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With linux if you put a .forward in your directory
can have the mail forwarded somewhere
else. Is there such thing as a .deny file
or someway to deny certain email address?
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Do you mean to deny them from ever being delivered at all, or they can be delivered but you just want them sent to that great bit bucket in the sky?

Preventing delivery has to be done at the Mail Transport Agent (MTA) level (sendmail, qmail, etc). MTA's can do aliasing, forwdaring and delivery without ever knowing the content of the message. or particularly caring about who the sender is. Mail User Agents MUA's (mail(x), Netscape, pine, procmail, etc) handle content and user access.

Typically, controlling the delivery at the MTA level is done to limit the amount of spam email received. Some of the mechanisms include rejecting email where the sending site cannot be resolved by DNS (eliminates messages that have faked or hidden sender systems), using one or more of the real-time network black-lists of known spam sites, and local lists of black-listed sites. Theres plenty of information as to how to do so in the sendmail docs & FAQ's and I'm sure that qmail and the others have similar resources.

You can set up procmail to personally filter email and it's quite amazing how sophisticated the rules can be if needed. It's pretty easy to write a rule that "junks" email from a particular person or site, or one with a specific subject. Take a look at the man pages for procmail and procmailex. They may be a bit intimidating at first, but it isn't really that hard to do.

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