I need the right driver for my External Modem

I need the drivers for this 56K External Modem which has no external badging.

Windows Diagnostics reports the following from its registers:
This is an Australian Modem.

Rockwell Voice Modem 45.0
Puretek of Aus.Linx (TW)
RDV56DPF L85OA Rev. 45.0/45.0

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ga9ulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try www.windrivers.com advanced search page, company search box, look up or type in puretek this should point you to pureteks driver downloads. If puretek is not recognised, look for an fcc id number on your modem and enter the number in the fcc search box lower down on the advanced search page of windrivers, that will give you contact information for the manufacturer if Puretek is just a badge. But having said that, I'm sure Puretek is listed at windrivers.
fudgecubeAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
This site might be of some help....


And would guess at downloading PT3020.zip

give it a try...

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