sdram question (easy but urgent

my pentium 133Mhz pc is slow with 64M edo ram. esp. when using win explorer. so i want 2 pieces of 64M sdram to put into my pentium 133Mhz computer.
what speed and type of sdram can i use? pc100?

any web site offering such tips/hints?
if possible, please send advice to
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Well normally I would recomend an upgrade of your processor itself. 64Mb RAM usually is sufficient for a P133 system, the processor is your bottleneck. If I'm not mistaken the P-133 runs on a Front Side Bus speed of 66Mhz so getting pc100 RAM wouldn't help. pc66 is good enough.

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I'd say get the pc100.  They will run on your P133 but I can't say if they will increase your system performance though.  As sandman mentioned, upgrading your processor would help a lot.  The reason why I say get the pc100 because if you are gonna upgrade your system later on, you cpu would be running at/below 100mhz and these combinations will go together. But if you get pc66 ram, you won't be able to run your cpu at 100mhz Front side bus. And most of the chips nowdays run at 100mhz, some run at 66mhz FSB.
Either buy for your current needs (PC66), or buy the newest DIMMs (PC133) if you plan a motherboard replacement within one year.

However, most new DIMMs are PC100, and are priced the same as PC66, so you might have problems finding PC66.

Your computer should not be "slow" with Windows Explorer, because all the processing is "local", i.e., a slow modem is not constricting Internet Explorer.

What video-card do you have?
How much RAM on the video-card?
It's possible that an upgraded video-card will remove a "bottle-neck", and make your screen updates happen more quickly.
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Otta I doubt that Explorer would open up faster with a better graphics card, after all it isn't graphics intensive, ie. it doesn't need any special graphics processing to open, just the cpu.
Hey, don't buy SDRAM!  Your motherboard will not support it!  Your motherboard was made before SDRAM existed!  You need to buy edo dram if you wish to upgrade your system.

I agree with the previouse poster that what's really slowing you down is your old processor.  You can get slightly better performance by going to 128 megs but you may not be satisfied with the small gain.
zhi, you know better than to post answers. Please post comments instead, if the person asking the question desires he can accept your comment as an answer. This is the protocol of this board so please follow them.
Hum... IS THAT REALLY AN ANSWER? and how do you know that his MB doesn't support SDRAM? My super MB that's got P120 on it supports SDRAM, eventhough the CPU is real out of date itself but not the MB.  
one of my PC'S has a 66 Mhz motherboard. i tried to install a PC100 and it didn't work. the manufacturer of the PC ( HP ) says a 66 motherboard will not work with a PC 100. they were right, the system wouldn't start. contact Crucial Technologies for more info. this is just my experience. 66Mhz is available from Crucial
> I doubt that Explorer would open up faster with a better graphics card, after all it isn't graphics intensive, i.e. it doesn't need any special graphics processing to open, just the cpu.

Trust me, a faster (and more-RAM) graphics-card is better, especially when "wallpaper" is being used, and other windows are already occupying part of the desktop.

If you don't believe me, "benchmark" it, rather than speculating.
eng40490Author Commented:
my mb supports sdram.
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