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Please help me with this :

I need to use a binary file with this structure :

Name : string : 30 chars
Age : Integer

How to add to the file one record
How to remove ... p.e. The second (after 4 inserted)
and how to change ... p.e The first.

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Wer don't make you homework instead of you! Send you code and wer can help,descuss, fix errors, but you homework you must make youself.
jpcsAuthor Commented:
sorry, but no homework...

I can even start, because I tried to use the samples I have in my book "CGI programming in the WWW", but they use pointers, and I don't understand that much.

I can simply give you some suggestions but no code. fread() is a function which
reads a specified number of equal-sized data items from an input stream into a block. It works on binary files.
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Use fseek to set the position in the file. the position is (n-1)*sizeof(struct)
If you have problems with pointers, i can send you tutorial about this(write you EMail).
jpcsAuthor Commented:
Thanks but, I need an example.

Alex : jsantos98@usa.net
Ok, done.
jpcsAuthor Commented:
Hi everyone!

I've finally solved my problem thanks to the tuturial ginven from Alex. I'll give him the points.

Thanks Alex
Ok, i am very glad to help you.

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