Setting-up a mail server; HELP ME; Lots of interesting topics

Pls read the entire mater. u'll find at-least one topic u can help.

I am in plans to set-up a POP3 mail server and SMTP forwarding (in RedHat LINUX 6.1) that can be accessed by dial-up lines by our offices at 3 locations in the city. Since it costs me very little more to make it public-domain, I'd like to give free mail service to everyone which doesn't require the Internet connection. I need help in different aspects:

      1. Which mail server should I use - Sendmail or Qmail?
      2. Help me in setting a mail server that'll be offline and connects to the net at a fixed interval of time to send and receive mail from the net.
      3. What kind of setup shall I have with my Internet Presence Provider for the Offline Mail Server.
      4. How do I configure the mail server to be a RAS server using my both internal and external modems? External modems are standard ones and Internal one is SIERRA pnp 28.8 SQ3465
      5. I'll also maintain some web pages using Apache which should enable the users to change the account PASSWORD and mail forwarding setting. Help me on how to do this.
      6. Once a remote user is connected to my modem, he should be disconnected after a fixed amount of time.
      7. Is there a chance that I can automatically add a 2 or 3 line comment/quote at the end of every incoming mail (only the mail that comes to my server)
      8. Pls guide me on the other security precautions I should impliment.
      9. Any other issue I should consider about / I have missed to mention.....
      10. Links to really useful matter is very much welcome.

Everybody's Contribution / Help will be noted and will be put on our Website. Please consider the point numbers 5, 6, 7 seriously.

Though I am well versed with computers using MS's and Novell's OSes, I am relatively new to Unix/Linux. Please mail me at with subject as "Mail Server Help".

My Sincere Thanks to every Contributor........ Krishna
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Hopefully this helps you on your way :

1. As for a mailserver we prefer Qmail far above Sendmail. Why ? Because it is easier to configure and more performant. We currently have one PC-box with more than 30.000 running Qmail without substantial performance problems.  Look @ for more info.

2. Because you are only online every houre or less, you will also need Serialmail. You set your box up in such a way all the outgoing mail gets saved in one directory. Once you go online Serialmail forwards it to the relay host of your ISP.

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krishnakkAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the Message. I'll go throught the Qmail site. If someone else can help me out with the 5, 6 and 7 points, I'll be more hapy.

Can I add custom message to al incoming mails using Qmail?

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