Easy newuser question ;)

Hi gentlemen,

I'll make it short (somehow)...

I'm a VERY experienced Visual Basic developer who was contacted by a prospect who wants to have a small notes application. The notes-network is already there - we shall just use notes as the database ...

So I downloaded ~ 80 Megs from lotus.com (90-day trials) and installed Notes R5.

It was quite easy to create a new database and I was even able to add new records to it from Visual Basic using the COM-Objects after 10 minutes or so.

The problem is, that I have NO IDEA at all on how to design Notes-Forms. I don't even have a clue on how to enter the form-designer. Or do I have to download another program for this task? (after all ... I've seen notes for the first time about 3 hours ago ;-) )

"Design Form" doesn't appear in any of my menus. When activating smarticons (where I can put the "Design Form"-Button) and pushing this button it says "You don't have sufficient access-permissions". (btw. I have "Manager"-Accesslevel to the database)

So please tell me about the little thing I've forgotten ;)

Btw. I'm not running Domino - do I have to for designing forms?


(btw. I know how you feel now ... it must be the same for you as if I'd be asked if you need a Backend-Database to create a Visual Basic client/server application ;))

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The Notes Designer client is a separate client application.  Hang on a bit and I'll return with a URL for download (if available) and startup instructions.
The Domino Designer client is available for download from the same site from which you likely downloaded the Notes client:

+ goto http://www.lotus.com/r5
+ click on "Demos and Trials" from navigator on left edge
+ (wait for screen refresh)
+ click on the first download icon from the main window (under heading "Lotus Notes R5 trial")
+ (wait for screen refresh)
+ click on the appropriate download link (International or North American) under the Members heading
+ (enter your registered login/password; wait for screen refresh)
+ select one of "Domino R5 Designer and Domino R5 Administrator ..." choices (appropriate to desired security)
.. continued from above ...
+ continue through the remaining 4 steps of choosing platform, language, etc. (the remainder is just as you downloaded the first time).

-- Launching the Designer--
Once installed (using the same program and data directories as indicated for the Notes client installation) you will find a new icon on the bookmark bar for launching the Designer client.  You may also launch from your Windows Start menu (assuming you are using a Win32 platform).

Another way to launch the Designer client will be available from the right mouse while using the Notes client.  This options is very handy as it opens the current database in the Designers IDE.

Once the Designer client is loaded, you will likely feel quite at home.  The list of design object types are down the left side (forms, views, framesets, etc.).  I think you will find the forms editor easy to use ... although perhaps not as flexible as you are accustomed to in VB.  :)

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rammeriAuthor Commented:

That was exactly what I wanted to know.

(btw. LotusScripts looks to me a lot like VB ... seems to be easy to learn)

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