JLIP (an JVC camcorder input): what is this?

My JVC  AM210 camcorder has a JLIP input (output?).

1) What is intended for?
2) Which PC (capture boards I guess) boards use it?

I've found information about JLIP in some sites in the internet  (it's easy) but  I'm not sure if it is intended only as control interface or it has video/audio.
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mitrakisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
JLIP (Joint Level Interface Protocol) is a communications protocol developed by JVC which enables bi-directional equipment control by connecting with personal computers.
It uses the PCs standard RS232C.

It's ONLY a kind of a communication protocol to operate JVC devices via a PCs RS232C interface.
It's similar to Sony's VISCA protocol (see the EVI series from Sony).

Hence, question 2) cannot be answered in this context, since JLIP has nothing to do with audio/video.
Your framegrabber's task to grab video/audio from the JVC device for processing.
Wether the grabber supports your camcorder or not depends on the input/output opportunities.
E.g. most camcorders have s-video as well as a composite output (and most grabbers have the appropriate input).

Best regards
julitoAuthor Commented:
..so  a software for a capture board could, at least in principle, could control the camcorder ("REW"/"PLAY"/"STOP" etcetera) via RS232/JLIP to make easier the selection of the video clips you want.

Do you know some capture soft/hardware package that supports JLIP control via RS232?.

I think that JLIP could be useful but is no very popular. (I've seen only some JVC capture devices but to much expensives) What do you think?
As I said before, JLIP has nothing to do with the capture board.
There are kind of switchers out there, you can plug into your COM port and to your JVC device.
In addition to that, you'll need software which operates the device via RS232C (your serial port).

I've found a site where this software was offered but didn't bookmark it...in case I find the page again, I'll post it herein.

And yes, JLIP *can* be useful, but expensive...same for the EVI series from Sony, which supports VISCA protocol ($700 minimum and it's *not* a camcorder...just "simple" cameras).

JLIP was designed for professional, semi-automated video editing...


I think I've found the site:
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julitoAuthor Commented:
"As I said before, JLIP has nothing to do with the capture board. "

yes I've undestood JLIP doesn't have neither video nor audio, it's only a control input/output. But what I said in previous comment is * if you know * any capture software (the software that cames with some capture device, say a Dazzle, Pinnacle or a board like ATI All in wonder, Rage Fury  etc) that support JLIP protocol to control the camcorder.

Controlling the camcorder by the JLIP interface seems to be a pretty nice way to control the camcorder to browse the video tape choosing the parts you want to add to your movie.

If you don't use JLIP for browsing the tape, you have to manipulate the camcorder (press  "play", "rewind", "stop" "play" etc ) and...

1) the buttons are small
2) the camcorder is going to be full of cables (DC suply, audio and video coaxials)
3) the connections (and the connectors) may suffer with the inevitable  movements

So, the relationship between capture board and JLIP is that (I believe) you need to control the camcorder in order your capture board  capture the parts of the movie you are actually interested in.

So, again, which capture software you know has support for JLIP to control de camcorder.
I hope this comment clarify my question.

sorry if my comment seemed to be rude...wasn't my intention.
To be honest, I don't know of any software which can handle video input along to JLIP commands (I mean low-cost solutions; I'm sure there are high-end solutions out there to fit the needs of video studios etc.)

Did you check the link I've posted ?
It lets you control any JLIP capable device via RS232C.

In other words, you'll need two applications:
one to control the JVC device and another to process/grab video data coming from this device.

If you want to take a look at a similar solution, goto my site at:

I have a Sony EVI-D31 connected to the PC via RS232C.
A Hauppauge framegrabber grabs images and WebCam32 broadcasts them to the internet.
A self-written application uses Sony's VISCA protocol (similar to JLIP) to let the client control the camera.
Both applications are standalone apps...

What I didn't understand:
Why do you need a capture board when you're using a camcorder ?
You can record anything you want by help of your camcorder controlled by the JLIP software.
The recorded data can then be ported to your PC by using standrad video editing software which comes with your framegrabber (e.g. Adobe Premiere)
I cannot imagine there's software out there to control the actions of the framegrabber *and* of the camcorder at the same time.

Best regards

I am not aware of any (non-JVC) applications that will allow you to manage a capture card as well as the JLIP interface.

I did find a JVC capture device - GV-CB3 at this link  http://www.jvc-america.com/digital_camcorders/gv_cb3.html, which uses JVC software to manage both the A/V capture and JLIP interfaces.

I hope this helps, Glenn
julitoAuthor Commented:

I'll take a look there. Thanks.

Mitrakis/stavi just before Glenn had written:

"Why do you need a capture board when you're using a camcorder?.
You can record anything you want by help of your camcorder controlled by the JLIP software.
The recorded data can then be ported to your PC by using standrad video editing software which comes with your framegrabber (e.g. Adobe Premiere)"

The camcorder is analogic VHS not digital. So to capture I need a capture board. JLIP is only for control.

When I wrote "capture board" I wanted to say "frame grabber" the board that converts video to digital and make it available at the PC. I am looking for this board (hardware) AND, if possible, for a software that besides to support the video acquisition board (obviously) do support the JLIP protocol OR, AT LEAST, give a chance to add that control in the menus.

That's exactly what I'm talking about.
Framegrabber/capture boards get analog video input and processes the data so you're able to use it on your PC.

Maybe you misunderstood me in the previous post...
Of course there are "digital" capture boards and "digital" video devices out there, but this has nearly nothing to do with standard analog calture devices.
In this case, the video device itself is creating digital data. So instead of having the capture board converting analog signals to digital, you already get digital data.
That's the reason you can achieve data rates up to 400/600Mbps (FireWire).

And again:
You have to purchase a capture board/framegrabber (either digital or analog, depends on your video device wether you even need one or not).

Then you have to purchase JLIP software separately.
I've not found any JLIP capable hardware, yet. Except some very expensive high-end boards used for professional video editing.
julitoAuthor Commented:
I have seen some JLIP stuff (please don't ask me where!, I don't remember, it was too much time ago), I believe it was not much more than a box to interfase RS232 with JLIP and a soft to send commands. I did not like it becuse it was not integrated to a capture software and I was not for sure if it would be useful.


there are different JLIP solutions out there.
One could be to use such a box, where commancds will be "transcoded" automatically by e.g. a chip onboard.
Other solutions could be 100% softwarebased. In this case, a program will process the incoming/outgoing JLIP data.

E.g. I wrote a program to be able to control Sony cameras via COM ports.
Communication is based on Sony's VISCA protocol...no hardware needed at all, though I could use some third party but I wanted to do it by myself :)

>>it was not integrated to a capture software<<
This might be a problem, since your capture board won't be triggered if you start capturing via JLIP commands.
I'm not sure if such JLIP apps will invoke a specific "save to..." dialog to be able to stzart/stop capturing.
This might be something you have to find out first.

Best regards
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