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Sound Files/page anchors

EdmondClay asked
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
i am in DW2.0, i have an image that i have created 6 hotspots in with the image map editor, and they are anchored to places down the page.  i want a different sound to play in rollover with each hotspot. is this possible?

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If you mean to do this while in the Image Editor then i have done exactly as you describe and when i preview there is no action.  The file is defined relatively, placed in the proper file and selected in the play sound box.  Your right, even the book says the same thing, it just doesn't happen and that is what is bugging me.  In fact it doesn't even work when i follow the procedure in normal mode and hilite the entire image and follow the instructions.  This is most perplexing!

Have you tried using the time line to do this.

All you have to do is create a time line for each file and set the behaviour of the button to play time line for the specified file you wish to play


I'm sorry but i do not know how to use the timeline as yet.  You deserve some points.  I will inquire and do as suggested.  I have succeeded in attaching sound to an image, but not to the hotspots/links within the image, which can only be hilited in the image map editor and are linked to anchors down the page.  I tried hiliting the anchor down the page itself and am still not getting a sound in the rollover at the hotspot associated with that anchor.  Is this any clearer.  Thank you again...edmond


i would like to award partial points to you as some of the information has been useful in any event.  I am researching that possibility with management at this time.  Thank you again for your help.  edmond

Community Support has reduced points from 50 to 20

I was just wondering how it has been going and if you have solved the problem yet.  

Also just wondering where you are creting your images because in Fireworks it has the capability of slicing the object so you can do tings like add behaviours to the different parts of the image if you would like some more advice on this just let me know


the image is just a .gif file, i don't know how to use Fireworks yet.  i've got Fireworks so i guess i'll give it a try.  I was able to get sound on rollover to happen with the entire image selected, just not the areas designated in the image map editor.  I am still underwhelmed with DreamWeaver 2.0. Sorry ut took so long to answer, i haven't received any prompts from e-e so i didn't know that you had posted.  
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