NSS volume doesn't automatically mount at startup

I have a problem with NSS volume of NetWare 5. What happens is, the NSS volume doesn't automatically mount at the server startup. In order to get the NSS volume mounted, I have to type "NSS" at the console screen and then it will mount the volume. Has anyone seen this problem before? For your information, the NetWare 5 server has got SP3A installed. I have also verified the NSS volume and everything seems to be fine.
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DVincentConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It should be "LOAD NSS " in AUTOEXEC.NCF after the Mount All command

note only one nss.nlm command line should be specified.

have you tried to rebiuld the volume...
Assume you have nss in your autoexec ?

Thiere is a note with sp4 that a fix included is the occasional hang of nss when loading due to another nlm loading. You could try changing the location of nss load.
dong081698Author Commented:
Do I have to add nss in autoexec.ncf file??? Actually I did it long time ago (i.e. before SP1) and it caused server crash during startup! But it might be worth trying again as I got SP3A now. By the way, where is the best place to place nss in autoexec.ncf file?
atually, it might be in startup - will haveta look and get back to you
no comment.
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