inetd in realloc.....? What happen....


when i telent , its first show:

inetd in realloc(): warning: junk pointer, too low to make sense.

give some idea
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bsherAuthor Commented:
by the way, i also found alot of this in my log file,
what is happening?

Feb 11 02:04:20 johnny /kernel: sd0(ahc0:0:0): MEDIUM ERROR info:0x25aabb asc:11,0 Unrecovered read error fi
eld replaceable unit: e4 sks:80,1

Feb 11 02:04:20 johnny /kernel: , retries:2

Feb 11 02:04:20 johnny /kernel: sd0(ahc0:0:0): MEDIUM ERROR info:0x25aabb asc:16,0 Data synchronization mark
 error field replaceable unit: d2 sks:80,1
bsherAuthor Commented:
inside log file also have this entry, some one is trying to DoS my server ........

Feb 14 18:00:24johnny ftpd[28264]: getpeername (ftpd): Socket is not connected

Feb 14 18:01:14 johnny ftpd[28456]: getpeername (ftpd): Socket is not connected

Also alot of perl log:

Feb 14 11:13:06 johnny /kernel: pid 1189 (perl), uid 1010, was killed: out of swap space
Feb 14 11:13:06 johnny /kernel: swap_pager: out of swap space

help me out
The first error message is the clue. It says "sd0(ahc0:0:0): MEDIUM ERROR". This means that the disk sd0 is experiencing unrecoverable read errors, either due to a developed bad block or a failing disk. Since that is most likely to be the system disk, you'll see all manner of other strange errors that result from the read error.

Hope you've got a good and recent backup. You need to replace the disk and you won't be able to trust it's contents to copy them to the replacement disk.
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bsherAuthor Commented:
for the second and third posting ?
give some idea...

All of the other error's (the inetd error, socket error, and swap error) are caused by the disk error. The disk is experiencing read errors. This causes lots of things to fault as they or something they are trying to do attempts to read data off the disk.

You need to find out if it's a bad disk (highest probablility) or some other problem (flaky scsi controller, bad cable, bad termination, or another devce on that scsi bus that's malfunctioning).
bsher, I answered your other question regarding these error messages 2 weeks ago, and jlevie has just confirmed everything I said. It appears you have ignored a potential system failure all this time, while continuing to ask questions for ridiculously few points.

From your record I see you have asked 19 questions and graded very few of them. I suggest you a) start acting on the suggestions of experts and b) start treating us with the courtesy YOU appear to expect, by allocating a reasonable number of points (i.e. EEs suggested levels!) to questions and grading them when you have an answer.

jlevie, I suggest you lock this question so bsher can't delete it, and at least you'll get an autograde - eventually!
Answer is in the comment trail.

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Thanks tfewster, I wasn't aware of the previous history. And I totally agree with your comments.
bsherAuthor Commented:
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