image file header info

i need to be able to recognise an image and process it accordingly by looking at the header information in the file.

therefore, i need to know the exact format of each image file header... is this information available in a simple format anywhere??

a text file outlining the exact byte format would be great.

i only need the format the header of jpg, bmp, pcx and gif files (all types).

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MorFFConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some info that should be useful (pretty comprehensive):

pcx specific:
bmp specific:
gif specific:
jpeg specific:

general (but not as detailed):

Cheers - MorFF
Thanks for posting the links.  They are helpful
SeshAuthor Commented:
thankyou for your answers... but... is there any more complete definitions on the JPEG header standard??  i looked at and it didnt cover a lot of the headers adobe uses when creating jpgs...

i just need to create a program that extracts the width and height details from image files (jpgs in particular)
nils pipenbrinckCommented:
jpeg and some other formats can be found at my website:

happy coding,
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