Reading from Sent Items folder

I'm trying to extract information from my Sent Items folder but all the C MAPI functions read just the messages in the Inbox folder.
Does anyone has any idea ?

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david_levineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, that last message wasn't for mapi but for CDO.

This link should be helpful... Reading, creating, modifying, and deleting messages; browsing, creating and deleting folders; submitting outbound messages to transports; and associating all types of attachments with messages. Multivalued properties are supported for all objects. The sample message store can be used as the default message store for a MAPI client.

In Outlook 98 I can use the Import/Export function to select any folder and pretty well any file type ie CSV, PST etc. Have you tried this?
why did u post this Q here. It belongs to Prog section.
Here's a link to a MSDN page that should be self explanatory...
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