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Graphics Card

I have a 3dfx 3000.... I have a buyer for it, so what is my next Graphics card going to be....

Annihalator Pro or 3DFX 3500 (i like the TV option, if its worth it?)

So which should i Go for....  Does the Creative Ann support 3dfx stuff, what chipset, i read the specs at Creative... but its best of getting someone who knows and has played with them....  Times running out please help...

Thanks All...

Craig C.

1 Solution
the answer is, and anyone can say anything they want, Geforce chipset from NVidia with DDO RAM.  Choose either the Creative Labs version or Leadtek or Hercules.  If you want more info on it, do some research and you'll see why this is the answer.  

check out:

 it is the first GPU and the future of video cards
Can only repeat what 1cell said: geforce256 is the winner (for the moment).
by the way, the Geforce from Leadtek notonly has the most stable and easy to use drivers but also a TV out!
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If you can choose, I agree. Go for the GeForce card. It is quite expensive, but gee, quite a performance...
A PII 350 machine with GeForce kills the K7 550 with the TNT2 ultra chipset.
I mostly go for Creative, just for the quality of the drivers.
craig_capelAuthor Commented:
Actually i did... Lastnight (GMT) i went out and bought one.... Creative Gefore ANN Pro, the best one Creative do....

Results: 3dfx 3000 kills it on a lot of demos... even the little gfx demos they ship out to me seems slow.....

Pent 2 400 Celeron (is this the problem) 128 meg of ram....

But 3dfx 3000 agp out perfoms it on a lot of stuff...  From what i can, unless its a Glide game, forget it.... And most of the magz say its good cos they only test quake out with it.... I think its a Quake accelerator card.....

Looking for patches now.... Even the G200 out perfomed it on the Virtual Reality Benchmark and 3d now ones... but the AGP transfer is amazing... handles 32 meg of textures as though it was drinking a beer....

Lots of downsides, but waiting to see this GPU and all this fancy stuff kick in....
if you are comparing it to the current 3DFX standard graphics based games, you will not be impressed.  If you compare it to the games which are coming out in the near future with express support for the T&L engine of the GeForce card you will be!  Understand that the GeForce is the "next" tehcnology.  Running games which aren't doesn't provide a great benchmark.  Wait for the game manufacturers to catch up and you'll be very happy.  I don't really think the Celery is the problem.  This card is pretty much self sufficient.
craig_capelAuthor Commented:
at least thats one good thing :) thanks
GeForce ditto to the rest here Craig. I spent a couple day's surfing the net for info and ended up buying the Creative Labs TNT Ultra. Their newest, the Pro, surprisingly did not rate as well in the reviews I looked at. Possibly because of the drivers. As a bonus, Creative released an updated driver last week for the Ultra, so its more stable, reliable and lives up to its reviews.
I'm very pleased with it.
I love this answer!  Maybe because it so cosely resembles my comment.
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