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Novel 4.1 and NetWare 5 for new user

I am a new learner for Novel NetWare. I got a Demo version of NetWare 4.1 and NetWare 5.
I installed the NW 4.1 into my one of my computer. It changed my date/time in the Bios setting. I think this must be something to do with the Y2K problem.
I got the NW4.xx server pack from the Novell wensite. However, I do not know how to install it.
MY problem/question are:
1. How to install the service pack. if this will sort out the Y2K problem?
2. I understand that in NW3.12 I can use the Syscon command to administration NW. I cannot see how I can do this in NW4.1 both in Server and Workstation.
3. I also try to install NW5 but it cannot see my CDrom during the installation. Can anyone can give me some advice on this one.
4. If anybody can recomand any book for me to learn a bit more in NW4.xx
5. How can I create a file server and printer server for this NW4.1 server.

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1 Solution
well, I'll take a crack at it

1. at the system console, type LOAD INSTALL, choose product options, hit insert, give the path to where the service pack files have been expanded to.
2. In NW 4.x, you use nwadmn32.exe  You'll need to install the Novell client for windows onto a workstation.  Run nwadmn32 from \\server\sys\public\win9x(or winnt)\nwadmn32
3. This would depend on what kind of cdrom, IDE/SCSI, stuff like that... I kinda liked the option to access the cdrom from dos during install that nw 4 had, wish they'd kept that in nw5
4. Try the ones from Novell Press, they're pretty good... they'll even get youready to take the tests.  Check out
5. You should have a file server all set up once the install is complete and the server is hooked up to the network.  For  print server, you'd probably be better off going through the book or the online help... might get a little convoluted trying to go through it here...
good luck
jwlchanAuthor Commented:
Thank you jheaney

You give me avery good answer. I understand that you are CNE in NetWare 3,4,5. I am coming from a NT background and trying to learn a little more in NetWare as I may take upa job in a College which is using a 4.1/4.11 NetWare server.

I would like to ask you fro one more question to how to creat user account in NetWare. I shall go to the Novell web site and try to order a NetWare 4.11 book from them. However, I think I have to find a UK web site to order.

Thanks once more.
1 If installing from CD, begin with Step 2.
       1) To explode the file, type <filename>, then press Enter.
          Explode the file on the server's volume SYS, or another
          server's volume.
          Note: This file contains directory paths that
          could exceed the DOS limits. The file must be
          extracted in a root-level directory on your local
          drive or on a NetWare volume that accepts longer
       2) At the server console prompt, type LOAD INSTALL, then
          press Enter.
       3) Select Product Options > Install a Product Not Listed.
       4) Depending on where the Support Pack files are located,
          complete one of the following steps:
          - From the local volume SYS:, press F3, then specify the
            path, including the volume name (for example,
            SYS:\<directory name>).
          - From a different server on the network, press F3, then
            specify the full path including the server name (for
            example, <server_name>\VOL1:\<directory name>).

2  you can use sys:\public\netadmin.exe or nwadmn.exe (NWadmn32.exe)
       1) Select the user container (context)      
       2) Choose file, create, user  or from netadmin press insert
       3) Specify username
       4) set user eviroment login times, home directory and password.
3 This depend on the device type, I have used both scsi & ide to install nw5
   Note the netware driver must use the .ham or cdm type as nw5 no longer supports .dsk. Tip have the dos driver load as you install nw5 this should pickup the correct driver and allow you to continue

4 Plus try "Netware Unleashed" series as helped me to upgrade to Netware 4 CNE, published by SAM ISBN 0672317087

5 In general, setting up a network-direct print device in queue server mode involves the following steps:
1. Use the printer configuration utility to reinitialize assignments. (This is necessary if the network-attached printer was previously assigned as a print queue server or remote printer.) You may also need to use PCONSOLE to delete any previous assignments.
2. Use PCONSOLE or NETADMIN/NWADMIN to create your printing services.
2a. Create one or more queues to be serviced by the printer.
2b. Create a printer object for the printer, configure the printer object as Other/Unknown, and assign it the queues previously created.
2c. Create the print server object to service the printer and assign the printer to the print server object.
3. Run the printer configuration software.
3a. Select the printer to be configured.
3b. Choose to configure as a queue server.
3c. Type in the name of the print server.
3d. Select the file server where the queues are located.
Network-Direct Print devices with NetWare 4  (24MAY1999 TID 1000668)

Best of Luck Regrads Dean Vincent
CNE 3.12, 4.11 & 5
try this for useful Netware & compaq URL's
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jwlchanAuthor Commented:
Thanks DVincent You give me a full picture about NetWare.
However, could you also give me some idea how to creat a account in NetWare?

Is this what you are looking for...

Login into the server using admin.
You will need the novell client 32 to use NWadmn.exe.
If you have the Microsoft only client add the nds service via \control panels\networks, this will allow you to netadmn.exe.

Nwadmn is the single administration tool for NetWare 4.x. This is a GUI based tool and can be simple to use if you understand NDS. There is a dos based version Netadmn

      To create a new user
1.      Run nwadmn95.exe
2.      Highlight the container with the user is to be created under.
3.      Choose Object from the menu bar and select create.
4.      scroll down the options and choose user
5.      enter the user login name (KIRKT).
6.      enter the users last name (KIRT)
7.      check the create home directory box and use the browse button to find the correct path.
8.      check the define additional properties box and click the create button
9.      select password restrictions button and change the users password.
      Creating a printer queue
10.      From object’s choose create
11.      scroll down and select printer queue
12.      check the bindery option if you network card in your printer is not NDS aware.
13.      enter the printer queues name
14.      enter the printer queues volume via the browse button
15.      click the create button
      Creating a printer server
16.      From object’s choose create
17.      scroll down and select printer server
18.      enter the printer servers name
19.      click the create button
      Creating a printer
20.      From object’s choose create
21.      scroll down and select printer
22.      enter the printers name
23.      check the define additional properties box
24.      click the create button
25.      click the assignments button, click the add button and then select your queue.
26.      click the configuration button and define the printer type
      Assignments for a print server
27.      double click on the print server object
28.      click the assignments button, click the add button and then select your printer.
29.      click the operators button and then click the add button to select you user.
30.      click OK button and test your printer.
You can now explore this program at your own pace, but be care full not to delete certain objects.

jwlchanAuthor Commented:

Thank you for all your help. I have a problem now as I have download the service pack nw4sp8a and try to installit with the NW4.11 server. However, It come up with a " No installation file (*.ips or pinstall.nlm).....

I have explored this file and burn it on a CD. I cannot see there is anyfile call pinstall.nlm. I can see some ips extention file but it do not help at all.

I also download the NW4.1 y2k file. Same again I cannot install it.

I note that you send me the instruction at the readme file from the service pack but I do not know what I do wrong.

Please help!
the compressed file must be unzipped in the root of a volume or disk.

Search add sys:nwsp8a

This will add a path to netware so it will find the ips file.

I have installed patches from Install.nlm on a number of occations and the only time I had a problem is when I unzipped the file from a sub directory.

good luck Dean

the ips file may be buried one level down, like sys:nw4sp8a\nw4sp8a\
good luck
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