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NewStringUTF gives memory leak?

I have a thread running in native code which needs to call a static Java method with a jstring parameter.


jstring            jstr;
char            szTxt[MAX_DEBUG_OUT_LEN];
jclass            cls;
jmethodID      mid;

// Init code cut away here...

jstr = tmp_env->NewStringUTF(szTxt);
tmp_env->CallStaticVoidMethod( cls, mid, jstr );

The problem I got is that the NewStringUTF seems to allocate memory, and I don't know how to deallocate it. The JVM doesn't seem to take care of it, "delete" does not work, and ReleaseStringUTFChars does not work either (they crash the app ).

How do I get rid of the memory?
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clicl around this thread

>>>(they crash the app )

What platform Windows /Unixes?
zingoAuthor Commented:
The platform is Windows and I am using Visual J++.
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I think taht from that site the code to free jstring is

const char *str = (*env)->GetStringUTFChars(env, Your_jstring, 0);
(*env)->ReleaseStringUTFChars(env, Your_jstring, str);

please let me know if this helps you out.
zingoAuthor Commented:
nope, it still leaks like a bottom-less bucket...

According to the documentation and examples from Sun, ReleaseStringUTFChars is used together with GetStringUTFChars. I've never seen it used with NewStringUTF.

Use this code to delete the reference, then the JVM's garbage collector will deallocate the memory.

zingoAuthor Commented:
Thanks ChristerH, you saved my day!
Oops ,and a thanks from me too, what we did was we had no need to track these as our .exe used to call Java object and go off.

I will bookmark this question.As they say u never stop learning.
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