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Why is Linux better than winNT ?

Posted on 2000-02-16
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-20
Can someone explain in detail why is Linux better than winNT?
Also please show some URL's for reference.

Thanks in advance
Question by:anusha

Accepted Solution

toneus earned 800 total points
ID: 2527611
There are a lot of reasons why linux is better than NT. One of the good things is memory management (it is much more stable). But maybe a better example is security. Constantly security bugs are found in NT. Some kinf of backdoor is still open. Microsoft is open, and locking must be added. While Linux (unix) is closed and access must be granted.

Also the handling of background processes and deamons is much better arranged. You do not have to put them in your taskbalk or something like that.

Another thing is settings. Linux "still" uses text-files for settings. This may look oldfashioned, but compared to the registry it is heavenly. The registry is one big file. If anything happens to this file, your complete PC needs to be reinstalled. (All the settings files in Linux are positioned in the /etc directory). In the end you feel much more comfortable.

Another good thing for linux (community) is a lot of GNU-tools. Ass you know GNU is free software. It is easy to use legal software. For NT you have to pay for a lot of tools. For instance if you want to install a firewall, for internet security, Linux has it standard onboard (IP-chains), where you have to pay a lot of money in NT.

Also the development of the LINUX system / Kernel is better arranged. Where you have to wait a long time for upgrades (bugfixes) for NT (and pay for it) Linux is constantly on the move.

I don't say it is easy, and I cannot tell you that it is also better for you. Maybe you are more comfortable with NT. The only way to find it out is to start using it (there is enough software to be able to replace NT).
I also started to like it after a little while of use.
It is kind of the same comparison if you like a BMW or a caddillac!

Some URL's to look/start:  (for distribution)

Please feel free to ask more questions:

Hope it helps,


Expert Comment

ID: 2542003
1> Good memory management and good  
   virtual memory functionanlity
2> Available with 32/64 bit OS which
   will give  you more options to
   select your server os.
3> Most of internet application
   servers  working very well on linux
   like DNS/WEB/MAIL and even file and
   print servers.
4> WEB server  if you see linux  have
   capability of serving 180 parallel
   TCP connection at a time  in NT its
   hardly 100 TCP connections if it
   will increase  the request it will
   crash the  application and asome
   time carashing the server.
5>Finaly Most of the application or OS
  if free  and related support is also
  available from the internet. Most of
  the applications which are available
  for NT are available on LINUX even
  basic firewall is available in the

Expert Comment

ID: 2543641
NT is good enough for a single user OS, but not for more than one user at a time.
In addition to the above:
Linux has a command line, which is far more powerful than the NT command line.
Your choice of GUI on Linux, including none. Not so for NT, where there is only one. (Actually litestep does exist, but its still beta -->
Stability, already covered.
Tools > Linux comes with a lot of tools free. (Compilers, libraries, interpreted languages, webservers, mail servers...)
NT comes with very few tools,the rest of them cost $$$.
You can optimise Linux for your hardware, NT cant be thus optimised.
Bugs are repaired very fast on Linux, you have to wait for Microsoft on NT.
With the source, bugs can be fixed by yourself, if need be.
With Linux, you can write your own tools, if need be (small tools like shell scripts and maintainance scripts)
With NT, that option is not available, or it is very expensive.
Linux works well over a slow connection, good for remote admin. NT requires a fast connection.
NT requires a high speed processor for good performance, not for Linux
Linux is built on open standards, not closed ones like NT.

Long rant that. If I recall anything, I'll add more.

Expert Comment

ID: 2543703
To hear both sides of the argument, you should ask the same question in the NT section of EE (you could just refer them to this question and give that one a 0 point value)...  see if anyone there things differently...

Don't think that I'm backing NT though, cause I'm not...

Linux runs fine even on 486 machines.  Try running NT on a 486!


Expert Comment

ID: 2547442
NT is expensive system. It has a lot of bugs... on the other end Linux is a cheep system and has also a lot of bugs. Both are good. But i still think that if you have money you shuld use NT.. but first you must learn a lot. Then you can be happy Webmaster without problems...


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