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Que1:        Can we use MS-Acess for Client-Server application? Can multiple users login to a MS Access database ? If yes How is data security? Is MS-ACCESS is efficient to handle large database?

Que2: How we can read any E-Mail using Visual Basic 6.0.? How Login to Internet through Visual Basic application?    

Que3: Is it possible to exports Schema of a MS-Access database to SQL-Server7.0? If today we use MS-ACCESS for developing application. Later is it possible to replace the same database with SQL-Server7.0.  
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paulstampConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ans 1 - Yes you can use Access for client server although it is not really advisable. Multiple users can log in - just dont try and open the database exclusively. Security is not great but users can be assigned permissions using the Access Workgroup Administrator program.

Ans 2 - You need to use the MAPI control to read/send e-mails - see the components list in the Project menu to add it. There is also a Microsoft internet control you can use for connecting to the web.

Ans 3 - MS Access features an upsizing wizard for exporting DBs to SQL Server (versions 97 and above I think). It it quite simple to import an Access database to SQL Server using it. Using ADO or ODBC will allow you to switch easily between database back ends if you want to change at a later date.
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