Books on MFC to understand it, not how just to do stuff.

I've been wanting to learn Visucal C++, but it seems the only kind of books I can get are the kinds that show you step by step how to do something, but never explain why you're doing it or how it all works, just "You want to say Hello? then type MessageBox..."  I want to know where MessageBox comes from? or how do I find more commands or how the whole thing interconnects, you know a full understanding of it so I can really learn it and use it.  Why and how you use the

void CYourDlg::whatthehellisthis
    And why the heck you need two :: above;
Or, ok now I want to do something so someone on here says use the class;
WMPAINT or whatever it is, well how the heck do I use that?;

So I'm looking for a book that will help me understand this VC++ stuff.


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laeuchliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you really want to understand what is happening in the MFC, you need to do two things. First, you need to buy a book on the WinAPI. Then you need to get a copy of VC++ Pro ed. The pro edition comes with the MFC source code, and if you know the functions it's calling you can understand it. There are also a few books on the MFC intrenals, but they are unnessary.
fredmastroAuthor Commented:
Now that I think about it, I look in these VC++ books I have and they don't talk about header files either, where do they come from. Oh well.
You are right. Almost all the books available "never explain why you're doing it or how it all works".

But to learn VC++ you need to have your basics right ie you should know C++ and windows programming(although you need not be a master). If you ask questions like "why the heck you need two :: above", then I would suggest you to buy a book on C++ first and understand the basics first. Then you can jump to VC++ which would become very easy for you.
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Yes if you want to learn to program without first learning the langauge, the Visual Basic group is right over there:-)
fredmastroAuthor Commented:
So I need to learn C++ and then learn WinAPI? What's API? I tried looking up WinAPI books, didn't seem to find much though.
WinAPI is windows programming without MFC. I recommend programing Windows 95 in 21 days.
fredmastroAuthor Commented:
Hmm, so I'm still confused. I thought VC++ was MFC.  I thought programming in VC++ you were making Windows programs and that's not MFC?
MFC is a class that helps you program windows, but is not the windows SDK. It's explained in the book I mentioned.
There are lots of books that explain MFC at this level of detail.

My own book is one.

Scot Wingo and George Shepard's book is called "MFC Internals". It explains all sorts of undocumented stuff.

Jeff Prosise's book covers MFC without using the Wizards, and as a result explains lots of things other authors only gloss over.

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