DBase IV and Unexpected Error

I'm trying to connect to a dbase IV database using VB6 and the Dbase component of Microsoft's desktop database ODBC driver's - It makes the connection ok (rather there is no error message - I don't think that making a connection actually does anything) but when I try to query a table the following error occurs:

Unexpected error from external database driver (10049)

I am sure that this did not occur when I was last working on this code a few months back. I've reinstalled MS desktop ODBC to no avail.

Help me please!!!!

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Ron WarshawskyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try to link dbase file to the Access database and read it using Access ODBC driver.
Ron WarshawskyCommented:
Can you try to use OLE DB instead of ODBC. This may help.

gnancarrowAuthor Commented:
How do I do this?
Please go inside DbaseIV, then use the dbase file and try to "pack" and "reindex" it, maybe the dbase file is having some problem (corrupted !!!)
good luck.
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