Not looking for the code..just want to know if it can be done through VB6.

If I have a vbApp and I cut it to a cd, can I do as (MSIE. for example) the cd on insertion and put up a sreen giving information and the ability to run setup from that screen instead of the user having to go to start/run/browse/... and select set up and etc.....

If so...where do I start my research into what I need to learn?
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Simply write a launcher program which gives the options you want the user to see when you insert the disk.

Then create a file in notepad and place the following in it :


Where LAUNCHER.EXE is the path to your options program.

Then save as AUTORUN.INF on the root of the CD

Hope this helps
But don't you need all the .dll's etc installed on the target PC.

The VB intelligentsia seem to agree that stand alone VB executables are impossible.  Delphi is often cited as better by the Delphi congnescenti 'cos it can do this.
Agreed... you would require at very least the VB runtimes to be installed on the target PC, or alternatively in the root of the CD drive.

If you unsure of the target PC, then using either Delphi or C would be a cleaner way of doing it.
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vbWayneAuthor Commented:
I am not talking an executable..
I am tlking a complete install from files stored on the CD...setup.exe


Is the launcher.exe simply a first screen for storing the launch of the setup files and any information I might wish to add to it...
click here to install MyVisualBasicApp and the button would start the install.
click here to view the read me
click here to exit.

that being the case...what is this program made of...what language carries will it run before an install takes place...
You could do it with Install Shield, it allows for dialogue screens but you can turn these off and run a straight install without showing dialogue.  

You'd need to lean Install Shields scripting language.
vbWayneAuthor Commented:
Deighton...pts for deighton posted.
10 is not a big deal, you cna both have the points for the pointers..

Thank you.
launcher.exe can be more or less anything you like. I guess what you want is a straight dialogue to give options for install, explore etc. These options could then launch the setup.exe or readme.txt

As deighton rightly points out it would be best to write it in Delphi (or C) as they can be single EXE files with no dependencies. You could put this dialog in an InstallShield setup but that would mean the user goes into the install routine and has to cancel out if installation is not want they want and that isn't very slick.
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