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uninstalling windows2k

do any one know how to uninstall window 2000. window 2000 is just too much for my computer to handle.
1 Solution
What other OS do you have installed?
Is your HD formated with NTFS?

The official qay of doing it:

Can you be more specific in your request? what do you mean
"too much to handle" what kind of system are you talking about? is it dual boot? why not reformat and replace your old o/s with a back up?
Get a boot disk from a previous version, make sure it has fdisk and format on it.  Boot up from floppy, use fdisk to delete the current partition(s), create new partition(s), format the drive(s).  Install whatever OS you want.  Making sure you have the necessary installation disks of course before you begin.
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did you convert to ntfs ????
dasse remember that your comment will erase all of the harddisk leaving it emty
farout: Yes and I believe this is the best way to remove W2K.  Especially as it is obvious that another OS would be installed.  I did forget to mention that all important data should be backed up first but as in case it would appear highly unlikely that any usable data would be on the machine I didn't really think it necessary.  I really believe that when installing a new OS to replace a previous one, that you should delete all traces of the previous install.  That way there is less chance of inheriting any problems.
ohh well
Do you have any other OS if you wipe off Win2000?

If you Dual-boot with Win9X, boot to Win9X 1st, format a system disk, in command prompt type "sys a: c:" then it will write the Win9X boot system replace Win2000. You can safty rmove any Win2000 relate files and Partition.

If you Dual-Boot with WinNT4, repair the Boot Sector with the Emergency Repair disk you made before install Win2000.

If you don't have other OS, stick with what you have until find a replacment, have a OS in system better than nothing.
Well. Their is a TechNet article that tells you "How to Manually remove Windows 2000 and Restore Windows 95/98. Article number is Q253951. You should be able to see this article from Microsoft Knowledge Base or from Microsoft Technet. I hope this helps you.
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