I have installed red hat linux ver 6.1 kernel 2.2.12

I desperatly need help understanding the red hat file system, as this is installed on a webserver with interent access and I do everything by telnet, I cannot use the GUI interface to do things, and the books do not tell you how to use command line stuff.
can anyone point me in the direction of how-to's that cover command line commands?
and configuration?
what I need asap is
where are the file(s) located that tell the OS what IP's to bring live on boot (so that I dont have to enter ifconfig manually every boot) what are the file(s) named?
how do I add users to my server? the adduser command wants additional parameters that I am unfamiliar with
how do I add domains? where are the files that under slackware would be in /etc/named/pz ?
can anyone out there help me, point me in the right direction?
my goal is to have my 8-10 users re added to the server, their domains live, and their palace servers installed... but to do this I need to have IP's live thru a reboot and I need to know how to configure things...
thank you in advance
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ReinierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All config files relevant to networking under RedHat:

RedHat specific:

And of course the standard files:

The files pertaining to what "IP's to bring live on boot" are /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-*

One of mine says:


Hope this answers your question.
Setting up networking, routing, adding users, and just about everything else is best done with linuxconf. The GUI interface to it might be a bit easier to navigate around in than the tty version, but both interfaces have exactly the same capabilities.

It's not clear to me what you mean by "adding domains". If you mean modifying dns records to create/server virtual domains that's  best done by editing your zone files directly. If you don't run the dns server and are referring to the creation of virtual hosts, that's best done via Apache's NameVirtualHost/VirtualHost directives in the Apache conf file, or by IP aliasing in linuxconf and VirtualHosts in the Apache conf file.
lorenkiaAuthor Commented:
what I need to know is, when I use linuxconf and put in the gateway, dns information, why it does not store this in a file, or if it does what file does it store it in, what happens is, if I have to reboot my server, the network wont come back up, I have to enter the ifconfig eth0 <IP> <netmask>
route add eth0 <IP>
route add default gw <IP>
manually in order for my machine to be reachable, now on slackware linux there were files in a couple of places I edited that were red on boot that brought up and routed all IP addresses entered there... is there similar files on red hat? its a pain to have to remotely reboot or shutdown the system only to have to drive down to the server barn because it does not come back up live
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Hummm, I should read the whole question first and then yank the submit button.

What "additional parameters" of adduser are you unfamiliar with?

/etc/named/pz --> /var/named/pzone or whatever location mentioned in /etc/named.conf.
lorenkiaAuthor Commented:
Ok the adduser I am used to under slackware, you just typed adduser and it ran you thru a script of adding the user to group and so on (usually just hit enter for defaults)
in red hat it wants an argument or 3? so I just want to adduser so that they can telent and ftp in, have a /home/user dir and have web access and stuff, a shell account since my people dont use my server do dial in...
and I cant use the gui, and linuxconf while I did figure out how to access it from a webpage interface does not do well on a telnet session, and it does not seem to cover adding new users unless its in a place I missed?
lorenkiaAuthor Commented:
ok I think I have figured out just how to use linuxconf to add users, and using it thru my browswer is really handy (grumbling reluctant slackware head) can you please tell me just what to put in the linuxconf networking or where I put in the entry so it brings eth0 live on boot? I found the file you mentioned and that is marked as "no" and it should be yes...but I am not sure which entry under the linuxconf thing I make it yes...

ONBOOT="no" <--- I want this to be yes
Using linuxconf, you'd go to Config->Networking->Client tasks->Basic host Information->Adapter 1. That should show the IP information you've got set up and you mark the "Enabled", activate the changes and you're good-to-go on the next boot.
As an alternative, there is no problem with "hand" editing these files. Just like in the Good-Old-Days(TM) ;-)

There is a manpage for adduser. And if you need to automate commands that need user input, give a look at Expect: http://expect.nist.gov/
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