Install a script in cgi-bin :)

this is a real wonderful site:) don't know if somone is going
to help me or not!

I have a "simple" cgi program... and i really mean "simple" even
for a begginer like me!  
i want someone to install it for me! (i couldn't installt it myself, thought!)
i will give the details (i.e. url, email, passowrd, username
for my server)  and wants someone to help me to do it.

after that i will have some "how to" questions (normally if you
can make the program works, you will answer these questions as well.)

any one intrested , please email me :
(i will reply to you with the details..... when done, come here and post a
comment and i will accept it, and give you the points.)

By the way?  how can i transfare the points to you when i accept an answer?
(i am new to this site)... if i like an answer and accept it? how to give
the points to the one who answered.

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maneshrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hope your original problem has been fixed?? :-)

Manesh Rao
I can help you if you want
mary_MAuthor Commented:
Please for thosewho sent me, post a comment like treyjeff's .... i have recieved 3 mails and i don't know which one is which?
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Are you still looking for help? :)
Ok... i am sending you now!  hope i will help you.
Oh yes, my email is
I think we should work it out here and you should install the script yourself.  This way, you will learn how to do it and you won't be opening your site up to security problems (not that I think anyone here would do such a thing).

We can help you to do this task yourself.
mary_MAuthor Commented:
fibdev ,  i would love to... but the problem is that i do not even know what is my mistake?  i just installed the script into my directory on  , then an error message that says : "your script has performed an error" poped up!

So, i thought that the best thing to do, is to make somone more experince than me... to install it, then have  alook to see where were my mistakes.
The first one who contacted me, is now trying to install it (i hope) if he couldn't do it for any reason, i will be lucky if i find somone else to install it.

again, i am looking to learn from my mistakes... it is not just i want somone to do the job for me... i want to learn from him/her.

thank ya
Send me the script and I will check it for errors.
Hi Mary,

I recently wrote to you're e-mail address. Can you send you're details that i need to :

I will be able to help you out then.

with regards,

Michael (Oostwijk)

Why don't you write back to us ? I think you just won't give us the points.
mary_MAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rao for helping me!  My problem has been solved , Also thanks for your efforts that you done to me ... and the time you spent solving my problem!

you deserve these points surly! :)

most welcome and in addition to the points i got a good friend too !! :)
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