HP Deskjet 6200C

I keep on getting "scanner could not be initialized.  Scanner could not be found", when I try to scan.  I took it to the store where purchased they hooked it up and it ran perfectly.  When I told them that my OS was WIN95 they promptly informed me that "everyone knows that USB doesn't work on WIN95."  Is there any truth to this statement?   Would the fastest and least expensive solution be:  load WIN98 (I have it), get a SCSI card for a SCSI connection  or  is there a way to alter my WIN95 program so that the scanner works.  (I've already searched the bios and the USB is enabled and the device manager shows USB)  
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You need to have windows 95 version 4.00.950B

USB does not tend to work well on win95 the update microsoft provides for usb does not work properly

try this below to determine if your usb will work

HP ScanJet Scanners - USB, Unsure Whether PC Has USB Capacity or Not


This document will help you determine whether or not your computer has USB capability.

Determining USB capability

Download the file USBREADY.EXE from the following website: http://www.usb.org/shopping_bag.html.

Once this file has been downloaded, execute it, and it will tell you whether or not your Windows version contains USB capability, and whether or not your computer contains USB ports.

check this info out....

HP ScanJet Scanners - USB, Unknown Device Detected
ISSUE: During the installation process of the scanner, Windows 95 or 98 may detect the scanner as an unknown device. If this happens the HP ScanJet software will not be able to find the scanner. Unplugging and replugging the USB cable or the scanner power cord while Windows is running will also cause the system to re-detect the scanner. When the scanner is re-detected it may not be detected correctly.

SOLUTION: While Windows is running, unplug the scanner power cord, wait for 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cord. It is very important that you wait for thirty seconds before reconnecting the power. This gives the scanner time to reset. This will remove the unknown device and force Windows to re-detect the scanner correctly. It may be necessary to do this more than once to get Windows to properly detect the device.

HP ScanJet Scanners - Scanner Not Found When Connected to the USB port; Verifying Connectivity and USB Functionality
ISSUE: The HP ScanJet scanner is not found when attached to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) on your PC.

SOLUTION: Verify that the cable, HP ScanJet scanner, operating system, and USB ports are configured properly by checking the following.

Turn off the computer and scanner (unplug the scanner).
Remove the cable from both the scanner and the USB port on the computer. Then, reconnect the cable. Ensure that the cable is inserted firmly on both ends; the cable must be inserted completely into the computer's USB port.
It is important that both units be turned off for at least 60 seconds before being restarted. Restore power beginning with the scanner and then the computer.
Place the HP Scanning software CD in the CD-ROM. If the main install menu appears, choose Exit.
From the Windows desktop, select Start, Run, type in D: and press ENTER (where D: is the CD-ROM drive letter).
Select the file USBMGR.EXE and double-click it. This will tell you if your computer has USB capability.


NOTE: The HP ScanJet Scanners 3300C, 4200C, and 6200C families only ship with the USBMGR.EXE utility. If the scanner you have is a HP ScanJet 4100C or 5200C family, click here, to download the USB patch SJ435EN.EXE. In the Search window type in the file name: SJ435EN.EXE, then press the Search button.


Verify that the USB is set up properly using the following steps:
From the Windows desktop, select Start, Programs, and then Control Panel.
Select System and then Device Manager.
From the device list, select Universal Serial Bus Controller. It should contain two subcategories: USB Root Hub, and a second line describing the PC's own specific serial USB chipset. The actual order of the two lines does not matter.
If any of these three lines are missing, a problem exists with the computer's USB configuration. To troubleshoot this problem, contact your PC manufacturer, or the manufacturer of your USB card.


NOTE: You may also test your USB with a utility called USBREADY, which is available for download at: www.usb.org.
Other documents to refer to are "How to check your PC for USB compatibility before purchasing an HP ScanJet scanner for your USB interface."
You may have your USB port disabled from your BIOS, refer to your PC manufacture.


HP ScanJet Scanners - USB Scanner Quits Working or Is Listed as an Unknown Device "Scanner Could Not Be Initialized"
ISSUE: The HP ScanJet scanner quits working after it has functioned previously, it reports "Sorry, scanner not found" or "Scanner could not be initialized". The scanner may also appear as an Unknown Device under the USB or Other Devices category in Windows Device Manager.

SOLUTION: Update the scanner's INF file and rename Unknown.inf. Use the following instructions to complete this procedure:

Select Start, Settings, and Control Panel.
Double-click the System icon and select the Device Manager tab.
Highlight the entry for the scanner, or the Unknown Device, and select Remove.
Choose OK to remove the device.
Disconnect the scanner from the PC and unplug it.
Close the Device Manager and the Control Panel.
Select Start, Programs, and Windows Explorer.
Select the Windows directory; then, select the INF subdirectory.


NOTE: If the INF subdirectory does not appear, go to the Taskbar and click "View". From the drop-down window select "Folder Options" and then "View" (in Windows 95 select "Options" and then "View"). Make sure that "Show all files" is selected and that "Hide file extensions for know file types" is not selected.


Find and select the file Unknown.inf; select File and Rename from the menu.
Rename the file "Unknown.old" and press, ENTER.
Follow these steps for your version of Windows:
Windows 95--Find the file Scanjet.inf and verify that it is 5 KB in size.
Windows 98--Find the file Hpscan.inf and verify that it is 10 KB in size for the HP ScanJet 6200 and 6250C scanner, 9 KB for the HP ScanJet 4100C scanner, and 36 KB in size for the HP ScanJet 5200C scanner. The HP ScanJet 4200C scanner has its own *.inf file; hp4200c.inf, and should be 10 KB in size.
If the file from step 11 is not the correct size (does not match the size listed for your version of Windows), delete the file and reinstall the HP Scanning Software from the CD. Then, go to step 16.


NOTE: Windows 98 users: check to see if your system contains the following directory: C:\Windows\Inf\Other. If this file exists and contains the file Scanjet.inf, delete Scanjet.inf and then proceed.


If the file from step 11 is the correct size, double-click the file to open it in Notepad.
Press the SPACEBAR and then the BACKSPACE button on the keyboard.
Close Notepad; be sure to select Yes to save the changes to the file.
Download the file SJ435EN.EXE from the HP Web site. Click here to go to the HP ScanJet Support Web site for the HP ScanJet 6200C scanner (the patch works for all HP USB Scanners), then click Drivers and Support.
Select the button near the bottom of the page titled Download Now.
You will be prompted to save the downloaded file on your local PC. Specify a location, then select Save.
Once the file has finished downloading, open the folder it is saved in, and select SJ435EN.EXE, then select Unzip. The file will be unzipped in the directory: c:\sj435usb.
Open the directory c:\sj435usb and select the file Setup.exe.
Restart the computer. After the PC is back up, plug the scanner back in and "New Hardware Detected" should appear. After reloading the drivers the HP ScanJet scanner should work normally.


NOTE: It may be necessary to select Setup.exe twice in order to complete the installation. This applies to all HP ScanJet scanners that use a USB interface. The HP ScanJet 4100C, 4200C, 5200C, 6200C, and 6300C families of scanners are included in this category.

Finally you can try uninstalling and then rebooting once in windows hit ctrl,alt,delete and end task everything except for explorer and systray then reinstall

on a final note if your pc orginally did not come with a usb port and you added it to it it still may not work even with win98...

Also in bios check your parallel port mode it should be set for ECP this can affect the usb port because the parallel port shares chipset with the USB port...



HP ScanJet 6200C/6300C Series Scanners - No SCSI Card Included with the Scanner


This document explains why a SCSI Interface Card is not included with the HP ScanJet 6200C, 6250C, 6300C, or 6350C scanners. A SCSI Interface Card is included with the HP ScanJet 6390C scanner.

Why a SCSI Interface Card is not included with the scanner

Although the HP ScanJet 6200C, 6200C, 6250C, 6300C, and 6350C scanners have a SCSI port, HP does not ship a SCSI Interface Card or SCSI cable with the scanner. A USB cable is provided for USB connectivity for the scanner. If you want or need a SCSI card to operate your scanner (for example, you are operating in MS Windows NT 4.0), Advansys corporation provides a SCSI kit for use with HP ScanJet scanners. For more information, you can visit Advansys on the Web at http://www.advansys.com. Other manufacturers' SCSI Interface Cards may also work.

NOTE: If you encounter problems installing or configuring your third party SCSI adapter, contact the manufacturer of that SCSI adapter for support. They will provide you with the most assistance.

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