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network problem

Posted on 2000-02-18
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
We have three computers locally networked using IPX, TCP and NetBui. All the computers are running off Win98SE.  The problem is, although everyone can see me on the network and access my computer, I am unable to see anyone else.  I have ran through the entire Network troubleshooter.  
Question by:messentary
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Expert Comment

ID: 2537622
messentary  your network menu should look like this..
* Client for microsoft networks
* Client for netware networks
* (your network card )
* Dial-up adaptor
*ipx/spx-compatible protocal->network card )
* ipx/spx-compatible protocal->Dial up adaptor
* NetBEUI->network card
* netbeui->dialup adaptor
* tcp/ip->network card
* tcp/ip->dialup adaptor
* file and printer sharing for microsoft networks

Primary logon ...with password,client for netware networks
primary logon without password-...windows logon

Identication....each comp a diff name ,same work group
Access Control....share-level
Share folders...

this is a simple network between two or more comp  ,make sure each comps menu reads just like this       James
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Messentary, unless there is a special reason for doing so, you do not need to run either IPX/SPX or NetBEUI. These will only tend to slow the PC's down and won't offer anything by way of performance.

If everyone else can see your PC, but you can't see anyone else, then here's some things to check.

1. Are any resources on those other machines, such as hard drives, being shared.

2. Are all of the PC's setup as browse masters? There should be only one.

3. Check each machines network ID and make sure than everyone is in the same work group, but make sure the computer names are different.

If you're going to Internet Connection Sharing, then use TCP/IP and then instead of assigning IP addresses to each machine, use DHCP and choose which machine will share it's modem. Note: In order to do this, ICS must only be installed on the quasi-server and all others are setup as clients using the ICS setup disk.


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ID: 2537682
Everyone only needs to run one protocol.

To eliminate default protocol problems and for testing eliminate ipx/spx and tcp/ip from your network card and the other machines.

I would normally suggest just using TCP/IP but netbeui requires no setting up and therefore less problems for a small group.


Wait a few minutes for the master browser to be established or use the r/click network neighbourhood "find computer" option.

Once a machine is found, place it as a shortcut on the desktop.

If everything is ok and you decide to use tcp/ip as the only protocol, make sure you assign an address manually.

If you need help with correct numbers, just ask.


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Author Comment

ID: 2537685
I have gone through all those steps.  I have checked all the configs with the other machines, and everything looks the same, except of course, the computer names.  We use IPX because of the frames type.  The weird thing is that I am not being asked for a network logon when windows starts.  When I reinstalled win98SE over Win 98, (maybe that's the prob), I was never prompted for that.

Accepted Solution

netmage earned 300 total points
ID: 2537714
Remove all network componnents.

reboot and add networking "client for MS networks" Ipx/spx and file and print sharing as well as the correct workgroup name.

Use the win98SE cdrom to add these.

When you reboot, you should then have to login.

There used to be a problem with ipx packet types in win95 but this shouldn't affect win 98.
Check that all machine are set to "auto" in IPX or 802.3 for all.

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ID: 2537861
firstly try to 'ping' other PCs (ping 192.168.0.x or something for valid addr), this will tell if physical connection exists

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ID: 2537871
I'm going to ask a couple of questions, then provide a couple of additional troubleshooting steps.

1) Under Network Neighborhood, WHERE is each machine listed for the two people that can see you?  (i.e. Do they have to open "Entire Network" to see you, or are you listed in the workgroup?)

2) Furthermore, can they copy files from your shared drives?

3) Is everyone set to log in to the same workgroup?  You can find this information from Network Control Panel/Identification Tab.

4) Also, no one should be set up to log on to a domain controller.  You can find this information from Network Control Panel/Client for Microsoft Networks Properties.

5) Furthermore, make sure that each machine's Primary Network Logon is set to CLIENT FOR MICROSOFT NETWORKS.  This can also be located on the Network Control Panel.

6) Also, make sure that every machine is set to use the same Frame Type.  In most cases, it will be 802.2 or 802.3.  I'm guessing that you're using this for some proprietary software, in which case you should check the documentation for a specific frame type, or just set all of the cards to use 802.2..

As a side note, you really should consider stripping your protocols down to just IPX/SPX if this is what you have to use.  If you need help doing this or feel uncomfortable doing it, I can step you through it.  If you still need Internet access and have a modem in one or more machines, we can provide for that as well by leaving TCP/IP bound to the Dial-up adapter.

Let me know...

Best Regards,


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ID: 2538904

Please check the sharing properties of the other machines. Make sure they have given you access.

Also, the most probable reason you do not get a login prompt at startup is because Win98SE has "Family Logon" installed as default. This bypasses the need for passwords and such and still have a local network. If you want the logon back just delete "Family Logon" and reboot.

Author Comment

ID: 2540143
I'm going to accept this answer because it is the closest to what I ended up doing to fix the problem, (which was reinstall 98SE.  that did the trick.  The only conclusion I can figure as to why it wasn't working was, when I installed 98SE, the network card was installed but not hooked up to any computers.  Reinstalling SE with the LAN plugged in, I was prompted to assign a network password.  Strange, but done.  

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