MS Outlook 97 Password Loaast for PST

The PST file was password Protected and The user las forgoten the password. is there a way to fix this I have searched the internet for Info. and found that I have to Buy a software that can crack the password. to resolve this.
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reddarinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This utility updates the tables in the pst file. It has a side effect of removing the password.

Be sure you make a copy of the PST file before using the utility.

This is interesting.  What effect does it have on the current pst if you do not mind me asking.  (Spent the 45.00 for the password breaker)


glennd71Author Commented:
I have download that file previously and it did not work
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glennd71 -- Is this the first question you have asked here at EE?

hewittq -- There is a little readme.txt on it. According to the guys that wrote the utility, it is intended to upgrade the tables of the PST. A side effect is that the password is destroyed and the file is unprotected. The last time I looked at the site I got it from (about 2 years ago), there was a pointer to another site which was selling password removal utilities. I think the guys sold their code to that site's owners. But, the version I have is freeware =)


Thanks, appreciate the info.
Have a good day.

glennd71Author Commented:
Yes this is the first question i have asked.

I presume the file is beyond repair I have also tried the utlity that comes with MS "Inbox repair" that did not work , I guess the information is lost. The pst file is large due to attachment. I needed to Know if there was another way other than buying a software. I have already ordered for the software. Thanks for your help.

Well, welcome to Experts Exchange!

Hmmm. The file size should not determine the success/failure of the utility. Is it just a problem with the password? You seem to be indicating that the file is corrupt. Is that correct?


If you don't mind, I'd like to give you some pointers on questions and answers. It may save you some points and some aggravation. It will definitely spare a future expert that answer's your question some ego damage :)

Bear with me and keep in mind that this is a general over view of the question and answer process..

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Moving on to grading questions..

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A pertinent example..

This question =)

It would have been acceptable to reject my proposed answer since you had already tried the utility I pointed you to (if I read your comment correctly). If no one else had a solution, you would post a question in the Community Support area (link is always at the bottom of the page) to have the question deleted and your points refunded. If no answer had been posted then you would be able to delete the question yourself by clicking the Delete Question link that is above the text box you use for adding comments to your question.

Had you not tried the utility, but when you did, it was unsuccessful, again, rejecting the proposed answer would be okay.

If the utility was new to you and you got it and it worked then accepting the answer would be the correct thing to do. The grade should be an A since it met your needs and was conveyed in a polite manner. Giving it less than an A because the utility did not have a fancy interface or allow recovery (rather than just removal) of the password would not be the right thing to do. Chances are the expert did not create the applet and, even if he/she did, the grade is not on the means of the solution, only that the solution worked correctly and seemed/seems to be a complete solution (e.g. it fully addressed the problem – problem being a singular issue being dealt with by the posting of a question).

You should post a question in the Community Support area, so that you can get a refund of the 50 points you spent on this question. I certainly don’t mind forfeiting the points since the answer I provided had already been tried.
Wow! Is that an essay or what? I hope you will be a regular member of Experts Exchange, it is quit an exciting site that is one of a kind on the internet!

and incredibly good to see you back Darin!
Hey buddy, how have you been? How is the fashion thing going?

with a bummer :O)

couldn't get along with my business partner and we broke up, just when we're starting to get things really going, repeat-customers, organizing intro's for would-be models and all new things coming our way, importing a label out of Canada through a friend and setting up road-shows....i can laugh now .....

when things fell apart i threw all my energies in my help-desk job and saved a major customer for my then employer...if you can call the help-desk of the Dutch State lottery a major customer, thing is if they should lose the helpdesk the server part (the real millions) would have gone also....

they reorganized the thing and I became involved in company politics, which i hate and took off, after things settled down this january....

got into my current job, and it's just what the doctor ordered, a bit programming, support for the external and internal users, having fun and the lot :O)

it's a fast growing financial services(real-time quotes/news and in-depth research) company....going to merge with a French partner this year and talking to an Italian outfit now to be the biggest independent research firm in Europe......ah well now my boss is doing the dreaming :O)

btw lost your email in a system crash last december, all links to my questions on EE where also gone :O) so had to restart.....

mine is, you can mail me to have this conversation of this thread, because i'm curious how things are shaping up with you....
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