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When I download anything of the internet or copy any files then little blue progress bar doesn't appear, it is just a blank grey bar. Is it a gif that doesn't work and if it is how do I restore it? I have asked the Q in Win95 section but have been directed to you guys, apparently it has something to do with  VB programming and something is possibly missing. If there is could you tell me how to fix or is it something else. Quite frankly it's getting a bit annoying (even although stuff downloads fine)
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LewyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using custom colors for your desk top. If so, change them back to the default.
I don't see any relation it might have to VB. I think thats the problem of Windows you experiencing.
coollizardAuthor Commented:
So what now, any ideas???
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I agree with Marine... highly unlikely to be anything to do with VB... tried reinstalling IE ?

Alternatively try searching the MSDN or reposting on the Win95 or Internet forums.
try searching ms knowledge base for articles on this problem. try as well. prolly just a corrupted dll.
I have built a few FTP and Telent programs, and I can tell you that not all outside sources provide file sizes.  Meaning, when you download from various sites, the progress bar will not have a maxmimum size (so it will not display).  The progress bar must have a start and a finish ratio to work.
Lets say you FTP a file that is 4MB, the progress bar will now have a ratio of what has been transfered and what is left.

I take it, this just happens on occasion, but not with every download?
coollizardAuthor Commented:
Ha Ha lewy!!!!!

Sometimes you just have to think of the more simple reasons!!!!!!!

(by the way you were right. My 'select' colour was the same as my 3D objects color so the bar was there but you just couldn't see it!!!!!)

coollizardAuthor Commented:

Eh? Try for a downloadign program thingy. Its free. Its small. It will give you a download time on every download you make even from a FTP site.It also gives you loads of extra functions such as: 'hang up/shutdown once finished downloading, in other words u can walk away and leave it! Is that what you r looking for??????????????????????????????!!!!!!!
It’s not because I’m so smart. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I remember some of them.
coollizardAuthor Commented:
Well thanks anyway!
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