i recently purchased a complete barebone pentium 3 system with keyboard,mouse,speakers,52X cd..etc.etc.etc. and i was wondering what i need to make this thing operate
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sorgieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your MB has Slot1 and 370 so your selection of CPU is vast.
PentII and most III. Any pentIII with a B after it or above 700Mhz run on a 133 bus. Celeron is also an option for you.

Memory you will need 168pin PC100 this will work even if you opt for a 66mhz celeron.

Hard Drive there are many brands, Stay with a name brand and go for at least 10 gig.

Operating System again it preference
but I would choose a Windows product
Win98 or 98SE

Once you install the CPU Memory and HD
Yopu must go to Bios  have the HD auto configured. The MEM and CPU should auto recognized also but be sure to follow your MB manual.

The HD must be Fdisk/ Paritioned and Formatted. They usually come with good install instructions

Then you can install the operating System.

Hopefully all plug and play will be configured and the system will run fine

I did detail this but I think I covered most of the basics. Follow all instruction you get with your hardware and get back to us with the results so if you have a problem we can help
Hard drive
Graphics card
floppy drive
sound card (opt)
modem (opt)
Operating System
Boot disk for the above
Applications (opt)
Printer (opt)

this is an assumption that the "barebone" came with:

case / powersupply
Plug it in! (just kidding)
I assume when you mean PIII the system has a processor and memeory.
Do you have a graphic card?
or is it on board.
Do you have a Hard drive??
If not you will need to install and configure it
Do you have a floppy drive?

You need an operating system.
Win 98 98SE or 2000

GIve some more info about what you don't have

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What timing!
We both answered before he asked!!!!
mlt17Author Commented:
here is the detailed decription i got,52xcd-rom 64bit3d8mb(shared)agp graphics accelerator up to 1600x1200 resolution 24bit integratedpci stereo sound supports both direct sound 3d and a3d interfaces as well as 4-channel speakers. full duplex stereo mixer supports fm/wavetable and digital cd-audio. removable hard disc tray. 56Kbps fax/modem module supports caller id,v90,mnp5,v.42bis data compression with 115200 compatible virtual uart, v.34, v.32bis, v.32, v.22bis, v.22.  10/100mbps lan adapter compliant with acpi&ndcpm. 1.44 floppy disc drive. 107 key windows 98 keyboard ps/2, ps/2 mouse, amplified multimedia stereo speakers. micro atx case-14"x8"x14.5"(lxwxh) micro atx form factor motherboard slot1 and socket370. 100/66mhz 64 bit 512k l2 on-board cashe. 2mb flash rom bios supports pnp for automatic cpu,board&expansion cards configuration. one32 bit isa expansion slot(shared) one 16-bit expansion slot(shared) 2xpci eide ports, three dimm slots for 3v sdram 168 pin, one parallel port, one serial port, two usb ports, two ps/2 ports, audio ports and game/midi port, one optional infrared port, word perfect suite 8 productivity software with word perfect, word processing and quattro pro spreadsheet software gamut mp3 music editing software virus protection and network monitering software

See, Little Billy Gates is right to rule the world, see the wonderous things he does for us................... puts answers in our heads......b4 there are questions

mlt17.........back to the matter at hand:

looks like you need:
hard drive
If you don't mind the expense and are networking
WIndows 2000 would also be a good option
This sounds like a M748LMRT board, with which I have had some not so pleasant experiences. Those onboard modems can cause some strange effects and are tied in with the sound card - disable sound and you disable the modem. Make sure the modem works well so you can replace the board if it is faulty. Also make sure to install the memory in slot number 1, since the onboard SiS620 video shares the main system memory. You may also notice that white text has a little bluish tint at 800x600, at least on the ones I have tried. Make sure that the usb ports work, since you only have one expansion slot on this board, and usb is your only option if you want to add lots of peripherals. Im not trying to discourage you, Im just saying that you should give this board a thorough testing to make sure it fully functional - there seems to be a higher failure rate with these than with some more expensive motherboards. The above comments seem to cover what you need to set it up - post back if you run into a snag
> What timing!
> We both answered before he asked!!!!

This is a "known" bug in the E-E software, and has been reported to them.
(Posting at 9:55 PST)
Thanks Otta

I just thought the oldgray and I were just GOOD!

heard about the bug!
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