Int. Cnct. Sharing - Delay IE fault page till connect

I am using Internet Connection Sharing on my Home Network (2 machines) They are connected only through this DHCP protocol with a direct cross-over cable.
The second machine dials out through the host with no problem, however, IE5 always times out before the connection through the modem is complete, and displays an error page.

Can I edit the timeout value in EI5 to wait for the connection, or for a preset time?

I will appreciate any comments on this subject.
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Patricia Siu-Lai HoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Normally, the timeout of ISP will be set in default by 1 min.(60sec).

You have several ways to extend it. I suggest one method here: -
Open Outlook Express, at the menu bar, Tools, drag down and select Account.
In the Internet Accounts- Mail, select your DUN  (Dial up networking) to your ISP. Click the [properties] button.
At the Advanced Tab, you can find Server Timeouts [short<---|------------ >long ]   1 minute.

Change the timeout from 1 minute to 2 minutes by dragging the bar to the right hand side to adjust the time.
Click Apply and OK. Exit all.

Restart the computer and Online again.
Have you made sure you setup DNS servers for the system that is sharing the connection.  When you setup the dialup connection on the server you would have either specified two DNS servers or set it to get them from the ISP.  I have found that it is best to specify two DNS servers on the client doing sharing the modem.  You can do this in Control Panel ---> Network Settings --->TCP/IP
Dassa, ICS uses DHCP for IP addressing with its own NAT.

thetdk, the problem isn't IE, the problem is a combination of your network cabling, speed of your modem and its connection and that of your ISP.

IE won't time out if it can see the server and receives and answer packet within a reasonable length of time.

The specific error you're receiving would help as well.

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Pat, what does Outlook Express settings have to do with time outs on Internet Explorer?
dew_associates : I understand the function of the NAT.  The key words you used were : "IE won't time out if it can see the server".  Why I mention setting up specific DNS servers on the NAT client so that it would be able to find the web server referenced in the browser URL line.  I have seen it happen that the NAT client is not able to resolve IP addresses unless it has DNS primary and secondary assigned.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Den, it is only a shortcut method for general user to lengthen the Timeout of ISP server of DUN.
IE5 does not provide such an adjustment but OE5 has provided such a feature.
There is another way is to edit the registry directly. Doing the same thing.
Moreover, there is another method by adding a name value somewhere in the registry. I've forgot where I've put that line. I'm still mad with me in picking it out.     ;o)  pslh

thetdk, you may try that to see it could help! Remember to adjust for both computer.
Dassa, you probably could with Wingate etc, but unfortunately in the network described, just using ICS, you can't.
thetdkAuthor Commented:
I want to reiterate, there is no problem with access on the network. Everything works just the way it should and all users can navagate correctly once the modem connects. The problem is the user on the client machine (no modem) gets an error BEFORE the modem finishes connecting. If he waits some time and refreshes, all is well.

I am going to try pslh's suggestion and let you know what happens.
thetdkAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much Patricia! I have been looking for an answer to that for months. This site is a real boon for me I have told countless people about it!

Your answer was EXACTLY what I was looking for. The second machine was running full blown Outlook so I did ot change those setting, since you can't!!!It still worked like a champ!!!

I might note however this only changes the settings for "MY" POP3 and SMTP server?!?! However, it still affects the browser timeout for any site even if there are no mail programs running. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

I have increased your points to 90 (all I have) to show my gratitude.

Perhaps someone should notify Microsoft of this so they can update ICS. I cringe at the thought of all of the people out there who don't know networking who think ICS just doesn't work. (You know being Microsoft and all!!!!!!) :) he he
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
Thanks thetdk!    pslh
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