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Applet to capture audio and save .wav at the web server

   I have developed an applet that captures audio from mic
   and saves sound on the client machine. However, I need to
   to store this file at the web server, without creating any
   file at the web server.

   Can anyone help me out ?

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1 Solution
raghuraniAuthor Commented:
More details :

I do not wish to go for RTP as it does not guarantee no-loss transmission. More over, I do NOT wish to
play the sound at the web-server, on the fly. I just need to save it as a file.
"...However, I need to
   to store this file at the web server, without creating any
   file at the web server..."

This is a bit difficult to understand.

The applet actually runs on the client machine, and you need something at the server side to be able to accept the data stream you send to it and save it to a file.
You can ise a servlet, CGI program, separate application that listens on a socket, etc.

Servlet would be the best choice.

I agree with diakov

Ur comments

"...However, I need to
   to store this file at the web server, without creating any
   file at the web server..."

is not clear.

Storing the file at webserver without creating any file is confusing..

If U want applet to write to webserver
see the below text otherwise ignore my comment..
Write all the code in servlet to write into the file.
Call this servlet from applet by using URLConnection class.

I think You know the syntax of connecting applet to servlet

URLConnection conn = new URL("http://yoursite:yourport/servlet/YourServlet"').openConnection();

Nothing to do in your applet because all will handle by servlet

Your servlet basically contains the following code

// Write code to inport necessary.

public class YourServlet extends HttpServlet {

   // Write code for init method if needed
  // write code for service or doget or dopost method depending on your strategy

public void service(HttpServletRequest req,HttpServletResponse res) throws IOException,ServletException {

  String filename = "a.txt";
  /* If you want filename from applet,append it like this in your appletcode

   URL url = new URL("http://yoursite:yourport/servlet/yourservlet?filename=a.txt");
    URLConnection =  url.openConnection(); */
// in this case

 // String filename = req.getParameter("filename");
// Write normal code to open file and print it.Put it in try,catch block

 FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(filename);

From: mbormann
 Date: Friday, October 22 1999 - 11:00PM CST    


Best of luck
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Well, a database on the server is also an option, then a direct JDBC connection (depends on the DBMS) or again through a servlet are the possibilities.

raghuraniAuthor Commented:

  I need to capture the audio and save it in a file
  at the server end. I am able to capture the sound
  & store it in javax.sound.sampled.AudioInputStream.
  However I was not able to pass it no to the servlet
  as it requires the object to be serialized. For this I
  "wrapped" AudioInputStream object in my own
  defined AudioStream object. But, the error continues
  to exist and expects AudioInputStream object also
  to be serialized.

  How can I overcome this ?

  I understand that this question is out of the scope.
  I would be glad if you friends can give me some
  I am sure to close this question as soon as my
  this comment is addressed. Any helpful URLs
  are also welcome.

  Thanks for the support.

raghuraniAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the excellent work, ravindra76.
Congrats and sorry for the delay.
No Problem

:) :) :)
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