using the std windows toolbar I get buttons that are 3d (don't know the propper way to describe it in english). I have seen in some apps that they use a toolbar with flat buttons, when you move the cursor over it it pops up...Is this a custom toolbar or am I just missing something. I have checked the manual but I can not find a way to alter the sdt toolbar.
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abancroftConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like the headers are out of date. Another possibility is that the symbol is being undefined by another header.

You can always download the SDK from
you need to set the toolbar style TBSTYLE_FLAT to get thisto work.
sa9813Author Commented:
I  can find no such style in commctrl.h...
It's there in VC++ 6. Here's the code snippet:
#if (_WIN32_IE >= 0x0300)
#define TBSTYLE_FLAT            0x0800
#define TBSTYLE_LIST            0x1000
#define TBSTYLE_CUSTOMERASE     0x2000

What compiler & version are you using?
sa9813Author Commented:
I'm using borland c++5.0. I'm using this compiler from my school, i suppose they have not upgraded the sdk headers!? Maybe this have nothing to do with it!?
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