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Sendmail problem: "mail loops back to me (MX problem?)"

Hi. Having a few problems.

I've got the MX records for a number of domains pointing to a single host, and on that host I've put the domains in /etc/sendmail.cf, ie:

Cw stub.org

I've also tried putting them in /etc/sendmail.cw, but that hasn't helped.

All the FAQs stop there, assuming that this will solve the problem, but it hasn't. I'm still getting mails to this domain (and others) bouncing with:

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
553 www.vx-labs.org. config error: mail loops back to me (MX problem?)
554 <ade@stub.org>... Local configuration error

What else could be wrong? (Yes, I have restarted sendmail)

Thanks in advance

// Ade.
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1 Solution
adrianwardAuthor Commented:
Oo, I should mention some details:

Redhat Linux 6.0, hostname is root.vx-labs.org, running sendmail 8.9.3. The domain I'm trying to get working is stub.org

[root@root named]# cat /var/named/named.stub.org
@       IN      SOA     stub.org. root.vx-labs.org.  (
                                      2000021600 ; Serial
                                      28800      ; Refresh
                                      14400      ; Retry
                                      36000      ; Expire
                                      86400 )    ; Minimum
        IN      NS      ns.vx-labs.org.

        IN      MX      5 mail.vx-labs.org.

        IN      CNAME   www.vx-labs.org.
*       IN      CNAME   www.vx-labs.org.

Hope this helps a bit.


stub.org is expanded to www.vx-labs.org, and
www.vx-labs.org is not in the Cw statement,
hence the snafu.

My advice: don't use cnames for this stuff,
a straight A record - using the address of root.vx-labs.org - will work just the same,
and make this stuff easier to trace.

So basically: if you stick www.vx-labs.org in the cname, it'll work, but I would rather take www out of the picture altogether.
HTH & cheers,
adrianwardAuthor Commented:
Excellent, that's just it. Thanks.

I didn't realise that sendmail would look at the CNAME for the domain, I only thought it used the MX records.

It works perfectly now.

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