Win98 logo disappears and takes a long time to boot

When I start Windows 98, after a few seconds the logo disappears and there's a long(like 30 seconds) time of no activity after it resumes and starts up. What's going on? By the way, I have tried reinstalling and clean-booting but this problem is still there.
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compmaniaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is probably the network card, try taking it out and start windows. (to see if it is for sure) Nothing you can do about it.
OwlguruAuthor Commented:
Also, in Windows 2000, the progress bar at boot-up takes the same 20-30 seconds in one spot.
OwlguruAuthor Commented:
I have a Pentium II 266 MHz with a 440LX motherboard and a 8.7 GB hard drive, plus a network card.
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go to start menu/run and type msconfig and select startup tab and uncheck all devices except system tray ,powerprofile,and scanreg and see if that helps also make sure the virus program is not scaning on startup

some comps just take a long time to boot ,my wifes comp  a hp466 takes forever and I have never been able to speed it up       James
after rereading question I realized you must have 98 and 2000 installed or are you talking about 2 diff machines??if you have both it must be a loader to let you choose between systems...if this is the case there should be a setting to change the time on the loader
Several things to check.  If you have anything in the files AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS try commenting the lines out.



Another try is to go into the properties for the network and remove any unneeded network protocols.  If you are using TCP/IP you do not need IPX/SPX or NETBEUI.  Let me know if you have any questions.
Well i think of two reasons :

Reason one : you got a network card (perhaps a DHCP connection too) and it's "normal"...

Reason two : you got a "poor" SCSI windows didn't like it...

I got a network card with a DHCP connection and a SCSI card :)
A sound or vidio card can do the same thing.

go to the c drive

Look for bootlog aand open with notepad or similar.

Go to search menu and do a Find for   FAIL.

Repeat with F3 key.

Note what has failed to load.

That should give you a clue.

Note:  failing MTRR , ndis2sup and some others is pretty normal.
Look for items related to your machine.
Any comments Owlguru?
OwlguruAuthor Commented:
Is there anything at all I can do to speed up my network card just a little?
Review my comments on speeding up you network card.  It is not a hardware issue, but a protocol issue.  Ensure that you have only the protocols needed installed on the computer.  Beyond that is the computer wired directly to the network at all times.
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