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Win32 SDK or MFC?
which is better?
which is faster?
which is easyer?
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RONSLOWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MFC better and easier if you want a to build your application on a simple framework.  MFC does a LOT of work for you, and saved you from losts of mistakes and traps that you may otherwise fall into.

SDK is best when some functionality is not handled by MFC.

Also note that ATL is often an even better alternative, as it nicely and simple encapsulates windows SDK in classes.  Much less overhead than MFC (no library .. all templates).

It depends on what you want to do and what your experience is. I personally prefer MFC but some people prefer straight Win32 - probably because you end up closer to the 'real thing' (that is, Win32 itself).


Straight Win32, obviously. MFC *does* add an overhead to everything you're doing.


I'd say MFC, without a doubt. It hides some of the ugly stuff from the programmer (not all, though!).
I'm one who don't like MFC. It was designed in early 16 bits age. It was designed for user interface.

I do a lots of Windows NT services, program serial communication, use event driven WinSock2 on NT service, etc. For all of this there is no possibility to use MFC.

So, at work I mix few MFC things (CString and CList, etc) and Win32, but at home I write all stuff without MFC. I have my own light weight class library built on top of Win32. Small and fast.

So, it depends on your needs and skills, but remember MFC has it's limitations.

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which is better?
which is faster?
which is easyer?

All depond on the nature of what you are going to do.....
scooter1Author Commented:
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