Creating a calendar for a web page

I am creating a web page for our non-profit organization.  I have been doing HTML for about 1 month!  How can I (easily) create a calendar page to display our activities for the month?  I am creating this in WordPad.
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dmaryakhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The way I understand your needs, you are not talking about the callendar that have to be dynamicaly generated from say database everytime user acesses it. Based on your experience level I would suggest to make a static calendar in pure HTMl and update it directly in HTML. Once you have enough volume of everchanging events you might try to look into more involved solutions with server-side scripting.

Now back to the solution that will work for you. I would suggest to do the callendar as a table, since it is easier to control. You can use the code below as you template to create HTML for the other months.

      <!-- This is a table row that will set-up the weekdays names as a header -->
            <TH WIDTH=75>Mo</TH>
            <TH WIDTH=75>Tu</TH>
            <TH WIDTH=75>We</TH>
            <TH WIDTH=75>Th</TH>
            <TH WIDTH=75>Fr</TH>
            <TH WIDTH=75>Sa</TH>
            <TH WIDTH=75>So</TH>
      <TR HEIGHT=75>
      <!-- Set-up the first row of the calendar-->
      <!-- NOTE: if you do not put any information between table cell
            definititon tags <TD></TD>, that particular cell will not appear
            on the screen -->
      <!-- NOTE: If you want to add an appointment, just add some valid HTML code
            after the date. It is a good idea to use <BR> to keep the width of the
            message under control. You can add images, links - anything-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP></TD>      <!-- cell for Monday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>1</TD>      <!-- cell for Tuesday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>2</TD>      <!-- cell for Wednesday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>3</TD>      <!-- cell for Thursday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>4</TD>      <!-- cell for Friday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>5</TD>      <!-- cell for Saturday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>6</TD>      <!-- cell for Sunday-->
      <TR HEIGHT=75>
      <!-- Set-up the next row of the calendar-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>7</TD>      <!-- cell for Monday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>8</TD>      <!-- cell for Tuesday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>9</TD>      <!-- cell for Wednesday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>10</TD>      <!-- cell for Thursday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>11</TD>      <!-- cell for Friday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>12</TD>      <!-- cell for Saturday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>13</TD>      <!-- cell for Sunday-->
      <TR HEIGHT=75>
      <!-- Set-up the next row of the calendar-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>14</TD>      <!-- cell for Monday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>15</TD>      <!-- cell for Tuesday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>16</TD>      <!-- cell for Wednesday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>17</TD>      <!-- cell for Thursday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>18</TD>      <!-- cell for Friday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>19</TD>      <!-- cell for Saturday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>20</TD>      <!-- cell for Sunday-->
      <TR HEIGHT=75>
      <!-- Set-up the next row of the calendar-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>21<BR>
                  Your 1st event<BR>
                  <A HREF="">Click Here</A>
            </TD>      <!-- cell for Monday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>22</TD>      <!-- cell for Tuesday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>23</TD>      <!-- cell for Wednesday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>24</TD>      <!-- cell for Thursday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>25</TD>      <!-- cell for Friday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>26</TD>      <!-- cell for Saturday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>27</TD>      <!-- cell for Sunday-->
      <TR HEIGHT=75>
      <!-- Set-up the last row of the calendar-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>28</TD>      <!-- cell for Monday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP>29</TD>      <!-- cell for Tuesday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP></TD>      <!-- cell for Wednesday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP></TD>      <!-- cell for Thursday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP></TD>      <!-- cell for Friday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP></TD>      <!-- cell for Saturday-->
            <TD VALIGN=TOP></TD>      <!-- cell for Sunday-->


easily i don't know it might take some work. Where do you think to store your activites ? DO you have Access installed ? If so then you can create a simple database with one table called Activities. You will be needing tables there. Better if you have 12 tables for each month and then you log all your activities in them. You will be needing a time field, body field, description field and maybe other fields that you can think off that can be usefull for your callendar. To be honest with one month experience with HTML its going to be a little tough doing this. Since if you are going to be using my approach you will be needing to know how to do some programming like in ASP or JavaScript. Post more questions if you have them.
You actuall don't need to do this yourself there are controls that can do this for you. There is an ActiveX control for date and stuff and months called calendar i think. But to store the actuall data for that date you will still need to do some programming.
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mcochranAuthor Commented:
I do have Access but am not very knowledgeable in it.  I have various software programs (Microsoft Works, Home Publishing, Greetings) that have calendaring templates.  Could I create a calendar in one of those and somehow import it into the HTML document?
You can do a calender in one of the publishing programs.  Save it as a .jpg or .gif file and post it with normal HTML.  It will be static and require making a new image for every change, but it will work.  The other suggestions are for making a dynamic calender that changes as you change your database.  Might be overkill for your needs, or simply something to work for down the road.
If you are using .ASP, download the calendar from
mcochranAuthor Commented:
What is .ASP?
Another approach would be using a Microsoft Word to create a callendar (there is a nice callendar template that either comes with Word or available for download from

Once you have created/updated your calendar, you can save that document to HTML (one of the options that is available to you in Word) and them publish to the Web
mcochranAuthor Commented:
Thanks dmaryakh!  This is exactly all I need.  We don't have to do a 12-month calendar and it doesn't require a lot of entries.  I'm also gonna look into the Word template as well.  Thanks again!
Yea but what really the use of this ? NONE since every time you have to add something you have to do it manully adding html that sucks and deafeas all the purpose. I wouldn't want it to be static but in your case i suppose its fine. This is worthless really.
mcochranAuthor Commented:
Marine - I see from your profile that you're a programmer.  I am not.  I am a 100% completely self-taught user of just about everything having to do with computers.  I understand that YOU may think it (sucks) but since all I need to enter each month is about 3 new events and, yes, change the days around, it serves me just fine.  Maybe one day I'll be ready for something bigger.  You see, I've never even created a table in HTML yet so I am not being static!  What's worthless to one is not necessarily to all.
I am sorry but i never meant any disrespect to anyone here on this board. In fact i don't know more then the next guy. Sorry if i offended you. But if you try to make this without it being static i'd be happy to help you. It wouldn't take long , all you be needing is a table and a few fields in it. and isnert into sql to add your new event for that day.
mcochranAuthor Commented:
No offense taken.  Honestly though, I haven't a clue what you're trying to explain I do.  Maybe you could post an example like the one I accepted as an answer so I could practice with it for next month's calendar.  I'm trying to learn as much HTML as possible.  I really enjoy creating sites.  Thanks for your help.
Marine, it will be an overkill, and it WILL take more than a table and a few fields with the sql insert statement. For starters, I would assume that they are hosting this site for free and there is also probably no ASP, JSP, CGI support for it. Secondly it looks like mcochran is in it alone and there is noone in their organization that will help him to set-up and (MORE IIMPORTANLY) maintain that repository of the calendar events. Thirdly the volume is minimalistic 3-5 entries per month. I do not think that going into pains and overhead to write, set-up and troubleshoot a database application for a mismal 50 records a year is worth while, considering the lack of the expertize.
I agree that you and i can someone else may provide mcochran with all the code and maybe assistance to install and configure it, but once something goes wring and he needs troubleshoot the application who is he going to turn to?

I know where are youcomming from in your comments, but please remember that this person is not a programmer, just a power user at this point, who is new to HTML. In order to understand how the Internet application works, he has to know HTML well, he has to understand CGI, have to know server-side processing with andything (ASP, Perl, etc), have to have elementary undestanding of Database Principles, have to have elementary undertanding of the SQL. I know what it takes to learn all this if you are not comming from a programming background and have 0 experience, since I teach Web Development classes for people like that. Only by the end of the course the students can grasp and whip -out the application like that, and it takes close to 200 lecture-hours to bring them to this point.

P.S. It is possible to simplify the application and do not use real database, but just flat file databases with perl, but again... to much overhead.

Look i don't understand what you mean by overkill all he needs are the month and the fields where he is going to store data. You can use an ActiveX control to pick a month of which it is and insert data to it. I don't see any problems doing that. It's simple but , but he wants to do that way i am not saying he shouldn't , he should use what he feels more comfortable with.I understand now why it be an overhead. For some odd reason i though that multiple users can access that calendar and write down their comments of whatever events.  I see from your comment now thats its not the case so your solution is better.
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