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How does the Web server send data to browser continually?

davidwee asked
Last Modified: 2011-09-20
I need that Web server send data to the browser, which is accessing the same Web server.This web server is a factory site ,It should send real-time data to my browser continually when i browser it. in addition ,the command from my browser can be send to the Web server.


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Very vague question... what kind of data do you want the server to send to you and do you want it to send to just your browser or any browser that accesses the site.

Then what kind of commands are you sending to the server?

The first thing that comes to mind is server side scripting either using Perl/ASP/Java.


..or PHP.
general approach that you must have some active application on server which process incoming requests or commands and updates/outputs your information. The application maybe written on many platforms and languages, depending on particular situation/your abilities.
On client side in most case you don't need anything but standard browser.
Update can be done manually or automatically in some period. If you need more details please give us more details about your task...
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actually kinross, what you stated is incorrect.  A client side language cannot obtain a stream of data from the server.  Client side scripting executes once... doesn't keep executing and you cannot poll a server to get data using client side scripting.

Server side scripting on the other hand can do this or you can use java applets to do this (like you stated)

Server side scripting can essentially push data to a browser continuously... as can java applets via servlets.

BUT you cannot use client side scripting.

You can use client side applications using java or something.

auto update easily can be done using
in HTML code, so client will auto-download the same URL every minute, on server side some application can update this URL contents, so you get your result


I think that cheekycj'answer is appropriate for me .Because I am working in a SCADA system and a Web camera.So I hope that the Website which is located on remote factory can send data to the linking broswer.In the meantime I can control the factory from my broswer. Webcam is the same .
In the other side ,does the Visua J++ provide these function(servlet program)?
Should the transport protocol between the servlet and the applet be specifed self?

hey.. then why did you give some one else the points???  Just kidding.. I am just glad I could help.



cheekycj'POINT += 100;

After I try ,I will run "cheekycj'POINT += 200;" .  OK?


No prob... good luck in your implementation.. If you have any questions or problems just ask :-)

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