Sequential numbering

Does anybody know how to sequentially number documents in notes? I already have a method which looks at a field on another database, however if two users access it at the same time it causes errors.  QXCOM and Senator have produced software that can provide the answer however I am having problems contacting them.  Please Help!
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fredriknorlingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could also create you own sequential number generator by using an recieve agent that recieves all documents and assign an ID number this agent can only run on one server or you could add an unique identifier infront of the number for each server.

/Fredrik Norling
gregg52Author Commented:
Thanks for your prompt reply Paebdb, the stuff in the link was useful however I'll try and hang on and see what else comes up!!
Thanks again,
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QXCOM does have a good product for doing sequential number generation, but you will not find it from QXCOM any longer.  It belongs to Computer Associates Inc. now.
Here is a link to the their site where you can download a 30 day trial of QXCOM Tools.

St. Harris

p.s. You didn't mention that you were trying to get hold of CAI, so I assumed you did not know that QXCOM was owned by them.  My apologies if this is old info.
fredriknorling -
Welcome to Experts-Exchange!  Part of the local culture within this forum is to respond with 'comments' more frequently than 'proposed answers.' The question owner is able to accept a comment as an appropriate answer just as easily as approving a 'proposed answer.'  

Again - welcome to the community.  I hope you find this site as a fun and helpful resource.  May it sharpen your skills and widen your perspective as it has my own.

-- Rhonda
gregg52Author Commented:
Thanks to all who reeplied I am accepting fredriknorling's answer because it is exactly that.  Thanks to rfHarris also soory I didn't reply earlier, been busy all day.
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