Office 97 Setup

On trying to install Office 97 I used the setup and it worked OK untill it reached Checked Disk space, then it says it can not read from the file on the CD. The first failed file was
E:\off97inv.dll ..  If you hit ignor it will load some and regect some and the end result is it fails to load...
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Jason_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you selecting to install all components?  Try installing with the default settings at first to see if you can get throught the instalation first.  Then we can add from there as needed.

Also try copying the contents of the CD to the hard drive (if you have the room), then installng from there.

I suspect that your CD is damaged in some way.  Either a scratch, or a bad write.
Do you have enough disk space free?
Try going to my computer and right click on the drive you are installing it onto, click properites and post how much free space you have.
Are you trying to read a recordable disk with a DVD?
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ALGOMAAuthor Commented:
I have lots of free disk space, 2/3 of the hard drive is free.

2. I do not own a DVD and the CD drive appears to work with everything else.

3. I suspected a faulty disk and borrowed another to test.  Exactly same results.  I tried various methods from standard to custom install with no solution as yet
If you have a network, try inserting the CD in another machine and sharing it. Then install it from there. You can then rule out your CD Drive being faulty.
What are your virtual memory settings?
I had a similar problem with my Office 97 Cd, it was pretty scratched up. So I got some turtle wax and waxed the bottom of the cd and was able to read it fine after that. This may or may not work in your case.

You say your CD Rom is working, you have plenty of HDD space and you borrowed another copy of Office 97. So therefore did you try Jason S's suggestion of copying the CD onto the HDD and installing from there? Did it copy without errors? What happened when you tried to install it from HDD?
Make sure that it is a real copy of 97 and not a pirate. Most pirates don't care about quality, and you get stuck hoding the bag.
ALGOMAAuthor Commented:
This is my first experience with this and it was a success. Loading the CD to the C: drive solved the problem of installing Office97  Thank you again
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