E-Machine won't accept a regular version of 98

My parents have an E-Machine that came pre-intalled with 98.  It was constantly locking up.  It is a 333mz with a 3.2 gig HDD and 32 MB RAM.  I tried re-installing 98 of the compessed disc that came with the machine.  No change. My cousin is currently trying a fresh install of 98 of of a "real" disc.
this is his last problem:
A fresh (non-emachine) install of win98 will not work on this machine.  It
should.  I don't know why it won't.  It stops and displays the message that
Windows Setup requires 734003 kb of free space on drive C.   There should be
no problem because the c drive on that machine is 3.2 gigs.  Also windows
setup with fat32 is also supposed to take only  140-255 megs on the hard
drive.  So I don't know what the problem is.  I'm just going to have to try
re-formatting with the emachine disk and see if the problem is taken care
of.  That is the only choice I have right now aside from talking to their
tech support.    If you have any ideas why
it is saying I don't have enough room on the hard drive, please let me know.
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When a PC is under warranty, why risk heart failure trying to figure it out?

Call your tech support!!

D.B. Lewis
The PC Helper: pchelper@bigfoot.com
sounds like the partion is set to small as in 100 meg or something like that...
boot off a boot disk and run fdisk and see how much space it says for the main partion, if it says less than a gig , i would re-fdisk it and setup the drive again useing fat32 settings to.
then try your install again ...
let us know how it go's
do you have one drive letter or two that will tell you if they have it partitioned into two drive . As rydall has said the primary may be to small for a clean install from a non E machine disk
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sounds like you should try rydalls suggestion
You're propably on the right track.

Check for any viruses.

You may have developed a ghost disk.

If you have installed any hardware on the machine since you bought it, remove it and reinstall after windows is loaded.

A clean windows, non e-machine should work fine.

You may need to get some drivers off of it if win98 disk does't have them.
After you fdisk do a format c: /u (c is the drive letter)

Hope that helps and have fun with your E-Shoot

I see this must be your day/night for
going around locking all the questions
nd making a fool of yourself


reject the answer and reopen question.
D.B. Lewis, you are not at all new to this site, having joined in July 1998. Therefore you should be aware that, unlike Newsgroups and Usenets, we observe a protocol or policy at this site with which you should become familiar. Experts do not post proposed answers that are incomplete or that are speculative, nor do they post proposed answers that incorporate the comments of others that have preceded you. Most importanly, they do not post answers that are completely unresponsive to the question posed as you have. By blocking these questions as you have, you block the question from the view of another expert who may have a solution to the problem. Since questioners can accept comments as answers, it is beneficial to the questioner that speculative answers be posted as comments, especially when the issue involves further troubleshooting. Hopefully you will cooperate with us in the future.
dew associates:

Careful, your harshness might tend to discourage others from trying to earn a tee-shirt!

I would happily take your admonitions to heart - if I knew what you were talking about ...

Today is the first time I have visited this site since 1998. It seemed to me that a number of people needed help. So, I volunteered.

Sorry to have inadvertently offended anyone - not at all intentional.

Perhaps someone could email me to explain how your "protocol" is supposed to work?

D.B. Lewis
The PC Helper: pchelper@bigfoot.com
DB Lewis, the following URL is a place to start, and from there preruse questions to learn how technicians handle questions, troubleshoot them and properly answer them. Telling a questioner to merely call tech support is not an answer. Don't you think they may have already thought of that?


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