Modem slows the system down

I just got a Motorolla SM56 modem PCI.
After connecting to the internet my computer acts like it has 8MB of memory, and I actually have 64 which ample for anything I do.  What could be a problem here?
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rayt333Connect With a Mentor Commented:
How fast is your CPU?
Remember the modem uses your CPU to process information as it sends and receives, if you don't have a very fast system to begin with then this will really slow it down.

Before going online hit the (Ctrl,Alt,Delete) and use the endtask to shut off all running programs except for Explorer and Systray then see if there is any improvments. You may just need to upgrade to a faster system or go with a hardware modem instead of a Winmodem.
> my computer acts like it has 8MB of memory,

Please elaborate?

Is mouse unresponsive?

Do typed-characters take a long time to "echo" on the screen?

Is your hard-drive "busy" reading/writing?
ray's got it!

(if) This is a winmodem, HFC, or software based modem,  it uses the processor and memory to performa the D/A conversion instead of it all being done on the modem itself.  Your best bet is to get an ISA modem.  You can be sure then that it's not a winmodem.
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1cell, not true, I have a couple of ISA Winmodems, true they are junk but still some of the older one were ISA. I've given both of them away but for some reason both people called me back within a couple of monthes and wanted me to get them a better modem. I tried to tell them when I gave them away that they wasn't getting much and I felt too guilty to try to sell them.
hmm, didn't know you could get ISA winmodems.  

Regardless, you need to find a firmware modem to free up system resources and speed things up a little bit.
Agreed, I wouldn't waste my money on a winmodem, but so many people will see the dollars they save and never think about "you get what you pay for"
You can always use the money you save on the modem to upgrade your processor to something that can handle the load. <G>
or spend the money to access to EE and try to solve a problem arised from saving that money (buying wrong modem) ? ;-))

SergAuthor Commented:
Haha this is great.  I never got a whole conversation before.  
Otto - yes its doing all of the above
Ray - I have only a 200 so its easy to see why it would be slower then hell.  
Untill this modem, I had an 33.6 ISA modem which I suppose did not use CPU power, so it seemed to work faster.
Thanx guys this all makes sence.
> didn't know you could get ISA winmodems.

Historically, before Pentium-based motherboards and their PCI slots, all motherboards slots were ISA (or VLB) slots, and all modems fit only into ISA slots, and some modems were "winmodems"(tm).  (Sounds like a first-year mathematics course in "logic".)
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