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Hi all,

could anybody tell me a tool/software by which i can  do the following.

in any .c file
it should change
int f(param1,param2,...)
type1 param1;
type2 param2;

style definition to

int f(type1 param1 ,type2 param2);

Actually I am trying to compile some code using this old style function definition in aCC compiler on HP-UX 10.2
which as a C++ compiler does not allow this and i have to use this compiler only.

Please reply ASAP.

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Did you check the HPUX compiler docs?

I haven't used it in a while but there is a command line switch to permit the old-style non-ANSI C.
Hi jhance

i think you might be talking about cc or CC compiler that comes with HP-UX 10.2.But there latest compiler aCC do not have this option.On this compiler the same options has been used to enable some ANSI C++ features.
Please give me some idea about how to go about it some other way ( code change to new style will cost me very high).
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Andrei RodionovCommented:
What kind of "disallowing" did you meet? What kind of errors? Warnings?
And what flags do you use?..

Andrew Rodionov
Hi AndrewRodionov ,

It gives this problem

Error 43: "mxx_nodeadd.c", line 98 # C++ does not allow Old-style
    (non-prototype) function definitions.
    static int fn_mkdata(s_node,p_cursol,p_addr)

where line 98 in code is

static int fn_mkdata(s_node,p_cursol,p_addr)
char                   s_node[];
struct _st_cursol_t   *p_cursol;
struct nodeadd_t      *p_addr;


Andrei RodionovCommented:

I'm using cc and gcc compilers on Compaq Tru64 UNIX (formerly Digital UNIX) sometimes and not familiar with HP-UX but both compilers has the flags to compile old-style programs. For example, cc understands -std0 (and -common or -traditional) and gcc understands -fno-strict-prototype and -traditional.

And why your C-code (file mxx_nodeadd.c) has compiled as C++-code? What compiler do you use? Is it aCC (that I don't know)? Or it's just a slip of pen and you mean cc?..

Andrew Rodionov
bhelAuthor Commented:
Hi Andrew,
This is not a typo.I am using aCC compiler which is a new C++ compiler and  ihave no other option but to use this compiler only  for compilation.Changing code to new style is highly time consuming task so please suggest something.
Andrei RodionovCommented:
I'm sorry but I don't know aCC compiler.

If you can't use cc or gcc/g++ compilers you should change the source code probably...

Andrew Rodionov
aCC is the command for running the aC++ HP compiler.

Use cc to run the ANSI-C compiler.

Write a simple filter that reformats your code...
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